Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stack Rundown, 07/19/2015

So, turns out, I completely forgot about the last issue of Hawkeye this week... Then I was sitting there like "I could read this" but figured out that I just don't care anymore. I guess that's what happens when you delay a book into oblivion, have the new book get three issues deep before the finally of the previous one, meanwhile the entire regular publishing line is being sucked into some else worlds like event which seems to be going on forever... Yup.

Justice League #42

So Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok are pulling of the “event series in a regular series” thing really well. This story just feels fucking GRAND. Big stakes, big characters (literally), big everything, and it’s a really fun read. I think what helps them pull this story off is unlike your standard events, it’s not like the book is trying to use EVERYBODY, which ends up ruining a series, because there’s flat out not enough pages for everyone… Sup, AXIS? I guess the big thing that people are talking about in this issue is Batman becoming Metron and learning who the Joker is. Here’s the thing though… while this is turning out to be a good story, it’s still Geoff Johns’ Justice League, and there’s about a billion plot lines or characters that have been dropped or forgotten. Chances are that will never be addressed and we will never learn what Batman learned… especially if they don’t want to completely fuck up the Joker. 

Secret Six #4

I have a feeling that some of this issue was intended to be part of issue three, but then since they were switching artists they wanted the new full-time guy on the first post-Convergence issue so this got jumbled around… And yeah, I don’t know. Why would you have like 8 pages of the original artist then the rest be mop-up? This book really needs to get straightened out, because past the weird art shit, it’s pretty alright. This issue had some of the old cast from the previous iteration of the Six, so that was fun, seems like everyone’s getting played by Riddler and they’re all gunning for him now, and as someone who just 100%’d Arkham Knight, I say good, fuck that guy. Jeanette also says one of them is going to die! I bet Black Alice, and then she comes back with some spooky voodoo… all the other ones you can’t really do much with. Ventriloquist, Strix and Porcelain are all Simone pet characters (one of which we learn is gender fluid so like hell Simone’s killing of her), Catman’s the lead, and Big Top or Big Show… whatever, he’s really Ralph Dibny, and I don’t think they’re offing him… or you know what, fuck it, watch the puppet die.

Invincible #121

This felt like one of those Invincible issues where they put a big plot on the back burner for the time being, as the main story goes off and does something crazy… like this Reboot storyline, which I’m slightly concerned about, simply because while I know this book tends to fuck with and poke holes in standard super hero tropes, even doing that sort of shit with “reboot” tropes, tongue firmly in cheek, is still playing with fire… but whatever. So here we got Robot’s earth, and surprise, it’s still pretty good, despite him killing a bunch of people. So there’s a big prison escape and some of the heroes are just like “Huh, maybe we were wrong.” Then Robot is like “See?!” and some people go with him. The end. Also, fuck Bulletproof. I’m still trying to figure out why the hell he’s still wearing Mark’s costume. Give it up, new Harvey Dent.

Revival #31

Well, some shit went down in this issue, didn’t it? Most action heavy issue this book has produced in quite some time. I still struggle to find ways to write about this book in any length though… It’s a long form story where talking about individual events in issues is difficult because without context of what happened prior. Then there’s an issue like this where Em goes to fucking kill Abel, she’s got a demon baby kicking or something, and there’s action! …But it’s an action heavy issue so there’s not a whole lot to be said! I don’t know, I still really like this book! Just don’t know what to say about it. 

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  1. Batman will probably forget who Joker really is at the end of the story.