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Stack Rundown, 07/12/2015

Doom doom d-doom doom doom! Doom doom doom doom doom d-doom doom doom. Doomy doomy. Doom doom doom doom doom d-doom doom doom d-doom d-doom DOOM!

Invader Zim #1

FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE THIS WEEK, this is the only book that matters, and god damn Saga came out this week, so that’s saying something. Invader Zim is back, Jhonen Vasquez wrote it, and it was perfect. This book mimics the show 100% perfectly and it was hilarious. The exaggerated reactions and speaking tones, the stupid dumb ass humor, and god damn Minimoose, it was all there. I think my favorite part of the book was the fact that they canonically explained the gap between the end of the show and the first issue… Dib has just been staring at his screen, turning into a disgusting thing of a person, while Zim just hid in his toilet the entire time… and it was all part of Zim’s plan! Man, I hope this keeps going forever and ever, I forgot how much I loved Invader Zim, and I’m glad it’s back in my life.

Justice League of America #2

The first issue of this series was a weird thing for me, as I thought it was equal parts cool to unnecessary. Ultimately, I came around to it and enjoyed it for what it was, an out of continuity movie. That’s basically what it is, continuity doesn’t matter and it’s a big movie script. Pretty fun. The best way I thought to describe this is that it’s basically to the Justice League book what Superman Unchained was to the regular Superman books. The Rao stuff is cool and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when it inevitably goes bad and Superman’s loyalties get pulled into question. I did think that Hitch went a bit too far with Batman’s characterization when he was basically saying “Let the criminals die of cancer” or whatever, but it’s one of those things where I get it, but it just sounded super harsh.

Justice League United #11

I tried to like Lemire’s take on this book, but the super scifi elements of it did nothing for me, and then once the Legion got solicited to be involved, I straight up said “fuck this.” Now, things are different.. really different. It’s basically operating as a “whoever the fuck” sort of book, and that’s really cool, I mean the team in this issue consists of Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy and Etrigan… not your standard Justice League. Not quite sure what’s going on with the plot… I think the deal is that only one of the Stranges can be on the planet at once and the other is in the Zeta land? Or Adam is just stuck there… then there are some Morrison-like monsters invading? Sure! Then there’s Travel Foreman’s art, which is unique as ever and I appreciate the hell out of that. I do wonder if Lemire was going to originally come back and reunite with Foreman, then shit changed? Random thoughts, I guess.

Starfire #2

I enjoy this book, it’s fun, and looks fantastic. Like Harley Quinn though, there’s not a whole lot to discuss about it, as it isn’t exactly a big thinker. I mean, Kori helps her new neighbors deal with a hurricane, she misinterprets some sayings, and a big lava thing pops out from the ground. It’s fun, goofy and a bit sexy. All around, it’s an entertaining book, but it’s not going to blow your mind or anything, that’s for sure.

Earth 2: Society #2

Now this is a book that I did not expect to enjoy as much as I am, and that enjoyment reached even higher this issue with the situation being further explained. Basically, 12 ships traveling to the new Earth 2, there was a traitor who did some stuff, compromised some shit, so in order to ultimately save everything, Terry Sloan takes the drastic measure of crashing the ships into the surface while his remained in orbit. So basically, that makes all the other heroes think that Sloan, a generally untrustworthy guy, betrayed them and what not. It reminds me of Merlyn in this last season of Green Batman, who I thought was generally the most interesting character of the show. I’m really having fun with this book, which isn’t something I was expecting.

Descender #5

Well, this book certainly took a turn, that’s for sure. Shit just got grim… like cut off a dude’s hand grim. Took an interesting turn with this dude being a fraud and all. Not sure where the book is headed with it, but I don’t know, I’v been enjoying it more each issue, that’s for sure. I guess there were some seeds in this issue with that lady who seemingly offed herself… but was a robot? I don’t know! But I want to, I guess… so the book is working? I’m at a weird stage with this book, for awhile I was just sort of “I don’t knooooow” towards it, but I’m really starting to come around, thoughI can’t really articulate why.. I’m just finding it to become more interesting as Lemire and Nguyen go deeper into the mystery surrounding the robots.

Black Science #16

Now this, this is how you do a bat shit crazy comic. These last two issues have been fucking insane. In total, I think about five characters have died in this arc? Things get ultra intense this time around, with Rebecca’s motivations being found out, right after she killed the Shawman… then she seemingly kills Shawn… then Kadir is about to kill her, but Grant sees that, not knowing what just happened, and attacks, ultimately impaling Kadir… and THEN finds out what happens. This issue was a fucking madhouse, and I loved every page of it.

Saga #30

And Saga disappears from my life again. Boo. This arc seemed to just fly by… maybe because I was so bummed out by everything and just dreading the worst with each issues release. Nevertheless, this arc is over, and nobody gets a happy ending to it, a bummer of a ending for a bummer of an arc. Marko and Alanna seem to be back togetherish? Buuuuut they did just lose their daughter, and it seems like quite some time pass (years?) between that and the final couple of pages. God only knows how fucked everything is going to be when they come back from hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, Saga is still the shit, but it is in the middle of some serious shit right now and I’m going to miss it… If only there was another way I could at least look at Fiona Staples’ art on a monthly basis...

Archie #1

OH WAIT, there is! Yeah, so I bought this pretty last minute on Saturday. Not sure why… Actually, I do know why, Fiona Staples. She draws good! Here’s my thoughts on Archie as a brand up until this point: Don’t care. I always saw Archie as that company who had books at the grocery store when I was a kid, and when I was paying attention to comics when I got older, they were that company who published wholesome dated looking comics that did nothing to interest me and then some weird shit like After Life. So here comes the Archie relaunch and all the sudden it looks modern and a whooooole bunch of people are talking about it. I figure I’ll get in just to see what the big deal is, and at worst, be able to go “Yep, still like Staples.” But here I am thinking “huh, that seemed pretty damn good… I might just read the next issue.” It was modern, good looking, and well written without that somewhat common “old guy trying to write highschoolers” vibe. Everything felt natural and yeah, I’m in for the next issue.

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