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Stack Rundown, 07/05/2015

These are getting later and later, huh? It's almost like I don't want to spend my free time writing about every comic that I read. Weird! But I've got nothing better to do, so might as well? I guess...

The Omega Men #2

On the surface, I really shouldn’t like this book at all, especially since I’ve been sort of pushing back against all the crazy amount of sci-fi books that had been coming out of Image recently, but there’s just something about this book that allows it to shine through to me. A lot of it has to do with the style, the art, the layouts, the colors, it’s all really great, but then you get to the content and it’s just all sorts of moral shades of grey that make for a really compelling read. I’m not even a really big fan of Kyle Rayner… like, at all, let’s be honest, I’m not a fan at all, but him being put into this group of, let’s be honest, they’re terrorists, maybe they’re on the right side of things, but still, having him in there, and that last page proving that he’s not quite gone native, all of that just creates really cool possibilities of where this book can go. Two issues in and I’m pretty hooked.

Green Arrow #42

Last issue, I thought “This is okay, not great, but I’ll stick around to see if it shapes up into something cool,” and then I was out by page 8 or so in this issue, because BOY did it get dumb. We got this street level crime story going on, cool, fine, sure… let’s ignore the aping of Pizza Dog, anyways, STREET STUFF… So, bring in the army of evil murderous minority report robots and god damn does everything get dumb. I’m sitting here just reading this shit like “Where the fuck did this come from? Why?! You know what, no.” Then flipped through the remainder of the pages and went “Yeah, I don’t feel like reading this.” Worst part, is that last issue, they have an editors box saying that this robot stuff was some how connected to Batman, like “see more in Batman #41” and no it fucking wasn’t.

Midnighter #2

Like Omega Men, I shouldn’t like this book, after all… I spent plenty of time saying how sad DC’s attempts of integrating Windstorm into the regular universe was, but sure enough, get the right team on a character, and the cynic can be turned, I guess. Steve Orlando is doing a good job of writing Midnighter in that cocky asshole badass sort of way that Batman can similarly be written into, but without the limitations… and I mean, I guess that’s sort of what Midnighter is supposed to be, right? Then there’s the homosexuality angle of it, which has been handled really well and naturally. A lot of the time I worry that shit like sexuality is going to be sensationalized and shoved in readers faces, in an effort to wave flags and go “SEE!? PROGRESS!” But when it’s treated like it’s a normal every day part of the character, as it should always be, then it’s just sort of “whatever” to me, in the best possible way, because a gay dude isn’t a big deal to me, just sort of normal… That said, I did think Midnighter going to have dinner with a date in Russia was preeeeetty funny.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #8

Oh, this book. I came into this issue not remembering a single thing from the previous issue, because it seems like it had been forever since the last one… They’re going into space? Skinner is infected? Sure? Problem is I had no memory of why they’re going into space or what the Vassals are doing, which is unfortunate, because I love this book, and it sucks that it barely comes out anymore. Then sure enough Huck is announced at Image Expo and Scott Snyder is saying that it’s been worked into the American Vampire schedule… and I’m just sort of sitting here like “What schedule?” Because if it’s the schedule that had Albuquerque release a full five issue mini series in the time it took to get two issues of this book out, then that schedule suuuuuuuuucks.

Deadly Class #14

I hate teenagers. Sorry, i just kind of do. They’re the worst. They’re crazy amoral hormonal monsters with a disturbing lack of empathy for their peers, and every time I go to the mall they make me cringe… I’m in my mid twenties, by the way. Look, I say this fully knowing that I was a piece of shit teenager too, so it’s not like I’m sitting here acting like I was better than anyone else. Why am I going on about this? Because this was one of those issues that emulated typical shitty teenager-isms so fucking well. Like the social paranoia, the thinking they know what’s what about love, dealing with rejection, it all just made me go “GAH! Fucking TEENS.” So good job Remender and Craig, you reminded me never to go to the mall again.

We Stand On Guard #1

So, new Brian K Vaughn series, right? Saga is fucking great, so this should be too! annnnnnnd I’m indifferent. I don’t know why or what’s wrong with me. The United States invading Canada with big robots is a dumb concept I can totally get behind, but I just came out of this issue just sort of indifferent. None of the characters really struck home with me, I didn’t think the writing and dialogue was as compelling as something like Saga, and I just sort of didn’t care about anything… and that sucks! I talked about this after the Image Expo announcements, but man, there’s just so much creator owned work nowadays, it’s just hard for new stuff to stand out and really grab my attention now. There hasn’t been a new series this year that I’ve really gravitated towards like I did for Saga. It’s just weird. 

Chew #50

Strange to think this series is at issue number FIFTY. That’s a lot! There’s only ten more left and I’m pretty bummed out about that. Anyways, Tony did what he said he was going to do and just straight up killed a bunch of mother fuckers, including the big bad… and I’m just all “Yay! …wait, shit, there’s ten issues left!” and then I remember all that stuff from waaaaaaaaay back in the series like the weird fruit and the fire writing in the sky… seems like there’s a lot of crazy ass ground the cover in only two more arcs, so it’s going to be an interesting read. Then there was that real epilogue… god damn it, Layman.

Airboy #2

Oh geez, the comic industry’s weekly scandal. Like, I get it, I do… but some of the reactions, specifically one that goes  a little something like “I don’t care if you think the story is well written, if it’s highly offensive, then it’s without redeeming features” is FUUUUUUCKING INSANE. To see the world in such a black and white way is fucking ridiculous. Anyways, moving past the once sequence that pissed people off, the book continues to be a really interesting take on comics and the industry itself, especially if you were paying attention to the monthly “who’s walking away from the New 52 for shitty reasons” events a couple years back.

The Wicked + The Divine #12

Last issue was one of those “…holy shit, did that just happen?” issues, and now the book moves into a rotating set of artists while Jamie McKelvie draws the newest Phonogram series, and I’ve got to admit… it felt like momentum got slowed down a bit. We move on to new POV characters in the film crew Cassandra was using early in the series, and I’m just sort of… well, i’m just totally indifferent to these up until now no-names with no defining personalities or traits. It was just a weird issue, I’d rather we just focus 100% on the gods rather than these randoms, because one group of characters is WAY more compelling than the other. We’ll see I guess, in terms of where this book goes… I just thought this was a weird issue, especially coming off the heels of #11.

Nailbiter #14

Thank god! Some information! These last couple of issues have been getting real annoying with the “here’s the answer—NOPE, haha, tricked you, maybe next issue!” tactics of late, but we actually did get some new info this time around… AND NONE OF THAT MATTERS, because now the real question is, was that last panel a direct reference to resident WWE spooky guy Bray Wyatt, who will always end his promos on a quick “Run!” I’m pretty sure Joshua Williamson is a wrestling fan, so I’d like to think it is. Also, wrestling is the greatest worst thing in the world. Just saying.

The Spire #1

I’m going to need to go back and give this one a greater amount of attention, because if I’ve learned anything from reading Si Spurrier’s X-Force, it’s usually worth it to really pay attention as he tends to deliver on every thing that may come off weird and confusing. But yeah, honestly, when I read this issue, there was a lot going on around me, so I don’t have much to say because I didn’t retain a whole lot on that first sitting, but I am a fan of this creative team’s previous work (Six Gun Gorilla) so I really want to give this one a proper shot.

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