Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #2

The mystery of who is behind The Nest and these new "Robins" gets deeper and deeper.

The Spoilers:

The Robins who were sent by The Nest to save Duke manage to start a good fight with the underground miscreants, but the numbers game is not in their favor, and have to make their escape with Duke. When they're outside, The Nest instructs them to leave an unconscious Duke for who they believe are the cops.

But it's not the cops... Duke wakes up to find himself in an interrogation room with a mysterious man who is more interested in talking to Duke about who he is, and what he's going to do to help Gotham which may lead to answers in regards to his parents, then leaves all mysterious like. Sometime later, Duke gets up to see if anyone intends to let him out of the room, only to find the door unlocked, and that he's actually in a set, in the middle of a warehouse, where a jacket, bike and a phone connected to the nest wait for him.

Duke puts the jacket and follows the instructions to meet up with the other Robins, who discuss with Duke how they were contacted and talk a bit about the Bat. The Nest interrupts the meet and greet, giving them a mission to disarm one of the bombs talked about in the first issue, which is conveniently across the street.

In the epilogue, it seems like whoever is supply the Robins we saw at the end of the last issue also has a man in the underground... or it is that guy himself. Looks kind of young. Also, the guy with the bombs is working under some demon looking bat master or something.


The Opinion:

This was a fun issue. Now that the team has been fully introduced, we get to see them interact more this issue and get a sense of their individual personalities. The mystery of who is funding the group is turning out to be a pretty solid driving force behind the book. I guess a theory is that it's Alfred? That'd work, with Alfred's background as an actor, I could certainly see him putting on a disguise, but it seems this guy has two functional hands. Then there's the guy in the epilogue which throws a different element into the equation. So far this is turning out to be a pretty damn interesting book.

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