Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #2

If we're going one issue = one day of redemption from the year of blood, MAN this series is going to be long…

Eh? Eh? Screw you, IT'S FUNNY…ish.

The Spoilers:

First mission on Damian's redemption bucket list is to return the head of a big stone golem to a South American village where Damian stole a sword (cutting off the Golem's head in the process). Here's the thing though, that Golem protected the village from the cartel, which moved in after Damian left.

Well, with the head back in place, the Golem is pissed off and uses its powers to attack Damian and Goliath with weird reality warping beams… or some shit. I don't know, long story short is that there's a big potential for collateral damage, especially when the Cartel shows up, so Nobody II, who is still stalking Damian, jumps in to help, eventually exposing herself.

The two end up having to work together (barely) to fend off the crazed golem and cartel. In the end, the Golem sees that Damian is seeking to help his people, so he stands down and grants his forgiveness once the Cartel is dealt with.

Then that leaves Nobody II, who has all the dirt in the world on Damian, and threatens to expose him as the "villain" she believes him to be, so he can no longer pretend to be a hero, then take his life… but she'll only do that once he's made up for every action he took in the year of blood… SO TIME FOR A RELUCTANT TEAM UP.


The Opinion:

Solid issue. It was really heavy on the action, which took up most of the page count, but it was good action, expertly illustrated by the art team (with some fantastic bright colors in there). I was a bit disappointed there wasn't as much plot development in this issue (specifically with what happened to Talia at the end of last month's debut) but regardless of that, it was still a very fun issue.


  1. Emiko should be in an annual or something

  2. Nobody II definitely had sort of a Marion Ravenwood "I'm your goddamn partner!" moment here, which jives with the Incan Temple back-drop and globe-hopping nature. And Gleason channeled some serious 1950s Batman vibes.