Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn/Power Girl #2

Harley Quinn, bringing good old wholesome violence to a planet that is anything but wholesome ever since... this issue.

The Spoilers:

So, those aliens who enslaved the love planet whose name I can't be bothered to look up right now and posing a pretty imminent threat,s o Power Girl does Power Girl things, and starts fighting them, while Harley follows some residents to safety, where they're confronted by a kill bot who politely waits while they discuss their options. Turns out the residents of the planet are more interested in banging and making art, so they don't have weapons... They do have gloves that sculpt stuff out of "hard light," so Harley makes a hammer and does Harley things.

Power Girl gets knocked around a bit, but is eventually rescued by the XGF, Vartok's Ex Girlfriend Force... and one ex boyfriend, so long story short, they're going to team up, because despite Power Girl not knowing a thing, she's apparently Vartok's love/wife/something? Or at least that's the story. Harley comes and hits some people but eventually gets called off by Power Girl and look, team up. 

Vartok on the other hand gets brainwashed by the bad guy... which includes nipple rings for some reason.


The Opinion:

Eh, I didn't think this issue was as entertaining as the last. The local speak on the planet Harley and Power Girl are on got on my nerves by the end (basically, saying "baby" after every sentence gets pretty annoying very quickly). This was just one of those issues where not a whole lot of note happens. The Power Girl arc wasn't really my favorite of the main Harley book, so when an issue isn't pedal to the metal with the dumb immature (albeit entertaining) humor, then it's just sort of "eh," which is what this issue was.

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