Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #10

Dick comes face to care with the guy who killed him, and it isn't exactly a happy meeting... because of the whole, you know... killing him thing.

The Spoilers:

After the big old "what the fuck" that ended last issue... Well, it's fucking Spyral, so nothing seems to make any sense. Helena is being told that the autopsies on the dead agents show wounds consistent with Dick's physical stature, meanwhile Tiger wasn't at some of the murder sites, but has inexplicable periods of times where he drops off of Spyral's tracking. Dick thinks Tiger is compromised, and goes off to the drop, while Tiger contacts Helena and thinks Dick is compromised, asking for permission to go after him, which Helena denies, sending him to deal with a Fist of Cain plot in Vatican City. 

Dick waits to meet his contact, only to be confronted by Lex Luthor, who can see through the hypnos. We learn that apparently Spyral stole the tech from Lexcorp, according to Luthor, but he's been providing them upgrades in exchange for the current "green crystal" he seeks, which includes Spyral's ability to control their agent's bodies through the hypnos, which he demonstrates to Dick, who at that point, has seen enough and bails in the chopper, only after he shoots down some of Luthor's drones.

Having learned that Batman has gone missing via Luthor mockingly telling him, Dick tries to make one last contact with Bruce, hoping it wasn't true, asking for advice on what to do, since he seemingly can't trust anyone, possibility not even himself. Dick ends the call knowing what Bruce would say, "don't leave your partner hanging," which is funny, because that narration matches up with what looks to be Dick Grayson attacking Tiger in some catacombs. (See: Cover to next issue).

The Opinion:

I really liked Luthor's apperence in this issue. Things are all nice and fun when this book is off doing its own little thing, but it gets really fun when it utilizes the DCU well, which is exactly what happened here. Also, this arc is fucking confusing so far, but it's the good kind of confusing which comes with a good spy story. The potential for all sorts of double crosses, the mystery of who the fuck Dick #2 is, and watching Dick sort of break down realizing he can't trust anyone, all makes for what consistently is one of DC's best reads every month.


  1. Loved the Batman Inc. Dr. Dedalus reference and his connection to Lex in this issue, as well as his daughter a few issues back

  2. This book is just so good. The art and coloring were really excellent this issue - so vibrant on the landscape shots, and yet creepy during the Helena/ Spyral scenes.

    The storyline is layered and complex. Operating under the assumption that "our" Grayson is in fact the real one, then the dude attacking Agent 1 must be either an impostor or a hypnos-induced hallucination (or both). We've seen this issue that the hypnos tech has applications that go beyond what we thought, so the notion that it could straight-up make someone appear to be someone else isn't off the table.

    I love Snyder & Capullo's Batman but Grayson may be DC's best book right now. So good and getting better every issue.

    1. Yep, I think Batman is fantastic and all, but there's still a part of me where I don't care about Jim Gordon as much as other characters, and one of those is Dick, so Grayson is definitely my favorite book currently.

  3. This book is so fun. It just seems to be firing on all cylinders every single week.