Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #8

There's been a DEATH... IN... Olive's FAMILY... Get it!? Because it's a Gotham related book and Death in the Family is a really popular story, so I used the words to make reference to it even though I'm not really talking about it. I'm god damn clever!

The Spoilers:

Hard cut to a funeral for Olive's mom. How and when she died? That's a mystery for another time. Kyle wants to comfort Olive, but that Tristan guy beats him to the punch, and Kyle ain't about that.

Back at the school, Kyle snoops around and follows Tristan to the new science professor's lab… Who's the new prof? Kirk Langstrom, because background checks don't exist at this school. Obviously, Kirk is helping Tristan out with the whole Man-Bat thing, which Kyle sees. He later tries to warn Olive about it, but she's in no mood (and already knows).

So later, Kyle gets his sister Maps in on this, only because she was hiding in the passages between the walls and overhead, so they continue to snoop in Tristan's room, confront him, and he flies off.. Unfortunately, the "rivalry" between Kyle and Tristan comes to an end when Kyle and Maps find him in the school yard weakened, clearly attacked by something. So they bring him back to Langstrom for help.

Kyle later finds Olive and has a better talk where she admits that it was her that started the fire on the school and the same powers that got her mother locked up have manifested in her, she's scared, and all that. Kyle says some mushy stuff, blah blah blah, smoochy smoochy, then leaves… But it doesn't stop there, as when Olive looks down into the pond in front of her, she sees a note. Mysteriously, its from her mother…and it's telling her to trust no one. Kinda creepy… like the creepy figure mysteriously behind her as well.


The Opinion:

Now that Damian has come and gone, we're back to the standard Gotham Academy, and it's mysterious as ever. What I appreciated about this issue is how it shifted focus to Kyle as the character it decided to follow around. Focussing on different characters from issue to issue definitely helps the little corner of the universe this book has made for itself feel more alive. If I had one criticism towards this issue, and it's not even that, but it just sort of hits you in the face with "Olive's mom is dead." It SEEMS as if a whole bunch of stuff is getting rushed out of the gate, but that whole situation is clearly going to be the new mystery the book follows moving forward. So, with all that said, another good issue of Gotham Academy in the books.

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