Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #42

I'll admit when I think an issue is better than I thought it would be, but that still doesn't change the fact that I'd like to see a more interesting take on this title.

The Spoilers:

So GorBat is getting shot to the by these no-name Day of the Dead looking fools, who are prepared to take down a robot, but abort when they miss with a electrified crossbow shot after some lights are shined in their eye.

Back at the GCPD, Maggie (who now looks like the malnourished sickly man we see in Batman, only a little less sickly here due to Blanco's softer looking art) is all "Cops! You got to go to this circus thing." and the cops are all "WHAAAA. Is Batman there? HAR HAR we saved him" so Bullock is all "eff dis" and leaves, followed by Montoya, who seems to be snooping around and trying to get info about the crooked cops out of Bullock.

Later, Bullock relays to Yip that he thinks Montoya might be working with IA, and whatever... But after they do the deed, Bullock is woken up by a call from Jim, and before he goes to meet, notices a bunch of missed calls on Yip's phone. Bullock and Jim talk, bond, all that, and they're called into duty.

When Gordon is suiting up, Bullock meets with Montoya and tells her to look into the number he found on Yip's phone. Those Day of the Dead fools set a trap for Gordon by opening a whole bunch of water towers on him... why there are three in a row on the top of one roof is beyond me, but whatever. So... I don't know, Gordon leaves the suit to take the fools on himself.


The Thoughts: 

The good news is that there weren't any glaring contradictions in this issue as there were last time around. It was an alright issue overall. There are some things that definitely could be done better, like these bad guys... who the fuck cares? They're nobodies and haven't had any established traits other than they've got their face painted an they're working for everybody's favorite, Joker's Daughter, for some reason. That's been a running problem for me reading this creative team's take on the book, there's just so much "who caaaaaaares?!" sort of characters and elements that hardly have anytime spent on them being developed, and in the rare case that the time is spent, the developments are boring and pointless since the character will be gone in two issues. Then there's Bullock. Sorry, but he's just not an interesting lead character, which has been my biggest gripe with this book lately. He's fucking Bullock, whatever. I get the reasoning why they'd focus on him, maybe to do something different and develop him into something bigger than he is... but he's just not that... then finally this issue does the same thing as the last and opens on a pointless page of Gordon POV, and never returns to it, again, making the book seem sort of unfocused, because if Bullock is your POV character, what's the point of having one page of Gordon narration that offers nothing and goes nowhere?

I realize I just listed out a whole bunch of shit that I feel is wrong, but that's just with the book in general. It was a decent issue by the current standards, but in no way do I think that at was good or a must read. This book still needs a shakeup, something to make it more interesting than it just being a secondary Batman book. Hopefully we get that news within a week or so.


  1. Did anyone outside of the main Batman series explain how Joker got his face back from Jokers Daughter? Does she still have attached to her?

    1. I don't know if you get reply notifications but William down there is right

    2. In the second Endgame issue, the Joker pulled out his old face from his case...

  2. His face "grew back" thanks to the Dyonesium. He didn't take his old face back.

  3. The weird bit is that it "grew back" chemically altered, bleached white. You'd think if you can grow a new face, at least it'd be a fresh new face.

    Anyone else think Gordon looks a bit Ben McKenzie in this issue?