Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #42

Spoiler becomes Catwoman's apprentice... No, not that Catwoman, the Catwoman you care about... The other one... Sigh.

The Spoilers:

Selina continues to maneuver all her pieces around the board that is the Gotham underworld, bringing the Falcone's back into the fold, while working with Penguin, unbeknownst to anyone but herself and Cobblepot, ALL while trying to figure out what happened to Batman. With that in mind, she's got to tip toe around the fact that she's Catwoman, and her cousin doesn't know, she's got to keep the cops she's helping off her tracks by giving up the dirty cop who is on the Calabrese pay roll, foil another assassination attempt from the Yakuza, all that sort of stuff. With all of Selina's side business, it leaves her cousin Antonia to make family decisions she may not be cut out for.

But back to the Batman stuff, the two cops that have clanged on from this book's two previous writers come across the files of a recently killed cop who was trying to figure out who all the masks were, and might have done so, or at least gotten really close. Selina's tipped off to this fact when she goes to rat out her own crooked cop, and investigates… but so does Spoiler, and they have a confrontation. Seems Spoiler wants to test herself against Catwoman and maaaaybe get some training, but Selina isn't interested and leaves her on the ground, telling her she shouldn't pick fights with people who have less to lose than herself… That's where Eiko comes in later, still dressed like Catwoman, and offers to train Spoiler herself.


The Opinion:

So, I like the mob stuff, but sometimes with all the different characters and motivations, the content seems a bit stretched thin, which Spoiler isn't exactly helping. Her appearance in this issue was somewhat of a letdown considering 1. She doesn't do much and 2. She's getting hooked up with the Catwoman who isn't the real Catwoman and god only knows why is still acting as such. Speaking of Eiko, if she's going to stick around as this weird love interest for Selina, fine, whatever… but why the hell is she still acting like Catwoman when Selina's back in the cowl? Stop that! There's absolutely zero reason for her to continue pretending to be Catwoman, and there was zero reason for it to begin with. Then take into account that she's the romantic interest and (while the book hasn't played off this idea directly) it just seems SUPER narssasistic that Catwoman is romancing someone who looks just like her. Eiko still parading around like Catwoman is just flat out dumb.

Other than fake Catwoman being a dumb thing, the issue itself was another solid issue providing an interesting take on Selina and her place in the world. Surprise surprise, I know, right?

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