Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #2

Dinah's questionable (in more ways than one) past comes back to haunt her on the road.

The Spoilers:

Black Canary (the band) is on the road, and in-between gigs Black Canary (the person) teaches her bandmates how to defend themselves with hand-to-hand combat and firearms, all for the sake of protecting the mysterious Ditto, who is being chased by god knows what. 

But all is now well. Between the continuing feeling that they're being watched, there's some tension in the band, mainly with the fact that no one really knows who Dinah is. This gets brought to the surface when the old singer shows up, and there's clearly some history there between Bo (old singer), Byron and Paloma (which mostly went bad between Bo and Byron), but Paloma is resentful to let Dinah in on it, since she won't do the same. Paloma bashes Dinah for basically being a hired mercenary who is just there to get paid and leave... which Dinah kinda admits to, saying they should just finish their commitment, and she'll be out of their hair.

Anyways, Dinah is bummed out in a music store, talking to Ditto, just depressed and what not. Ditto's sound powers are brought up again, and she plucks a few strings on a guitar, which reveals some cloaked dude stalking them. So, music store fight! Mystery dude has come prepared with a voice inhibitor for Dinah, but it doesn't last long, and she ends up knocking him out. When the band gathers to see what or who is after them, Dinah unmasks the guy and instantly recognizes him, informing the band that they need to run. Why? Because it's her husband Kurt, and if whoever he is working for is after them, then they're sort of fucked.


The Opinion: 

Look man, I'm not going to sugar coat this: Dinah's convoluted New 52 history is pretty much hot garbage through and through. It's real bad. So seeing Kurt on that last page gave me bad flashbacks of Basilisk, Regulus, Team 7, and all that fucking nonsense that pretty much no one liked. I just hope things are kept simple here, and that whole mess of bullshit doesn't get brought back into the story, because this book? Unique and fun. That bullshit? Well, t'was bullshit. That's all I'm going to say here, all I can say really.

Outside of the "OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN" gut reaction I had, the one thing I really liked about this issue is the fact that Dinah isn't really liked. Her going from one band you hardly heard anything about in Batgirl to this band seemed pretty rushed and out of nowhere, but I guess that's the point, an some of the characters aren't a big fan of that. If everyone being friends and automatically cool with each other from the start was the case, then it would have continued to feel a bit weird and rushed, but starting out with tension in the band gives a bit of depth to the overall story, and makes you wonder how the book continues if they ever get to the "contract is up" stage. 

Then of course there's Annie Wu and Lee Loughridge's fantastic art, which... I mean, what else is there to say? It's fantastic... as I just said. I think Pia Gurrera is fine and all, but I'm going to be kind of bummed when Wu takes a break in September, she's a big selling point for me.

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  1. Was nice to see more of Dinah being an epic all around kung-fu master. And for that maternal instinct jive. I had flashbacks to Simone's BOP.