Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #42

When Bruce Bats inevitably comes back and all his friends and allies ask him where he's been, he'll legitimately be able to say "I was doing some fingerprinting."

The Spoilers:

Jim is still trying to figure out the whole Batman thing, as in who he is as Batman and what he means to the city and the people he's trying to protect. Lot's of deep thinking stuff, you know… BATMAN stuff. Things are complicated when he comes to find that his relationship with the commissioner isn't the same as the one he had with Batman, as in the Commissioner isn't going to "keep him updated" on a free basis, since Batman is now a part of the GCPD with the help of Powers Industries, he's going to work under orders and get his info on a need to know basis, often being used as a poster boy for the department. Not your standard Batman.

To make matters worse, things are getting weirder as Jim seems to have his first villain to deal with. Remember the mob boss from the last issue? Well, he dead. There was a seed looking thing planted in his body that gave him his abilities, but also was triggered somehow and killed him with a heavy dose of radiation, and he's not the first. Speaking of which, there's another guy he has to deal with, that has the ability to manipulate the silicate in every material used to build the city. Stuff happens, the Bat truck we see in the preview is dropped on the guy, and we first hear the name "Mr. Bloom" as he dies.

Elsewhere, Bruce Wayne has found his one time love interest Julie Madison and is working with her in what seems to be an art focused youth center of sorts (which is attended by Duke Thomas). Julie asks Bruce to get some supplies from the closet, where a man in the shadows is waiting for him… Surprise, it's Batman… Jim Batman… Having just had a conversation with Julia (who he's marked for someone who did work with Batman) it seems like Batman has some stuff to talk about with Batman… but does Batman know Batman is Batman? CONFUSED?!


The Opinion:

Great issue that really gets into Jim's head and what his version of Batman is… a lot of that is highlighted in his conversation with Julia, which I've sort of passed over in here, but it's an important one. Wish we got Mr. Bloom's introduction in this one, being that we get one issue next and then a fill in issue following that… Though, I guess that issue is a Bloom origin, so it'll fit.

From a logic standpoint that has no bearing on the quality of the issue… Wouldn't Bruce's allies know he's alive if he's just chilling in a youth center? I mean, Jim found him pretty damn easily… I guess it's possible that they KNOW and he's just laying low for awhile, it's not like we've seen anyone who knows Bruce = Batman go "oh no, Bruce is dead," the closest thing we got is him not picking up the phone when Dick called… because he was fingerpainting.

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