Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl Annual #3

There's a new threat in Gotham, and Batgirl teams up with damn near everybody, including school children, to take it down.

The Spoilers:

Average day for Batgirl, rescuing an amnesiac UN diplomat from wandering into a busy street. Once Frankie IDs the man, Babs heads to where he was last seen by CCTV and runs into Helena Bertinelli, who informs Babs that her and her “agency” are after a group called Goliath. Since they’re both after the same target, the two team up, but it doesn’t take long for Babs to notice the beaten bodies throughout the compound, figuring Helena has backup she hasn’t been told about. And thus begins the game of Dick trying to avoid being seen by Babs, figuring she’d be able to mark him just by his body language. That process continues until Dick’s hand is forced when Babs finds the rest of the missing diplomats in a room with the Goliath leader who escapes and tells them there’s a bomb. Dick uses his Hypno to pretend to be some German agent, and rescues the device while Babs and Helena help evacuate the building while the bomb explodes. When Helena and “Kroger” are leaving, Babs mentions the first guy she found saying something about the “Negahedron,” which Helena says she’ll look into. As “Kroger” gets in the helicopter, Babs takes a look at his butt, and has second thoughts about who he is, but has to remind herself that Dick is dead. 

Later, Babs continues to hunt down the woman who she believes to be the Gladius leader, when she’s ambushed by Spoiler on a rooftop, who is training on her mentor’s instruction by going up against the best. Babs doesn’t have time for it and explains the situation, so the two ladies find Babs’ target and agree to team up… But Spoiler is new so she sort of just goes in head first and ends up taking out the lady by herself. Turns out she’s not the Gladius leader and again mentions that Gladius will get the Negahedron and take out Gotham or something. So Babs keeps on looking…

And that leads her to a Bar outside of a Colonel’s house, where Batwoman is kicking some ass. Turns out Colonel Nair was a common link behind the missing diplomats and was abducted by Gladius in their search for the Negahedron, and Kate, a friend of Colonel from Westpoint, was going to meet with her that night, so when she didn’t show up, Kate went full Bat on everybody’s ass. The two track satellite images into a clearing where the Gladius leader has Nair in some giant burning man effigy. Beat up, rescue, and revealed that Nair’s regiment found plans for the Negahedron and the encrypted plans were split up and implanted in people’s minds or something, while the actual blueprint was hidden away… In Gotham Academy, for REASONS.

So to the academy, Babs searches through the library to find Olive and Maps in the corridors between the walls, as usual. The trio explor the tunnels and find a case with the head of statue, which has a reel of film inside. Gladius shows up, blah blah blah, she gets beaten again, Babs looks at the film with the kids, and tries to record the images on a USB drive, but the projector lamp burns the film and the computer gets screwed. With the commotion, Mr. Scarlet finds Olive and Maps and sends them back to their dorm while Babs makes her escape and we get a to be continued.


The Opinion:

Going into this just knowing that it’d feature Spyral, Spoiler, Batwoman and Gotham Acadmey, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a big story connecting them or not, turns out, there was and each section was split between the artists Bangel, LaFuente, Doyle and Chen, all with varying unique looking styles. While Babs Tarr has been a breath of fresh air to Batgirl, it definitely is cool to see four other takes on Barbara’s new take. If there was one thing I thought was a bit “off” it was just the tonal difference between Burnside and Spyral, especially coming after last week’s issue of Grayson, having that whole… deal be adapted to the lighter tone of Batgirl just felt kinda weird and cartoony. Regardless of the tonal clash, the Spyral chunk (which took up the majority of the issue) WAS very entertaining, and wasn’t actually hurt by anything I made note of. Overall, it was a pretty fun issue, I just wish there was a bit more closure to the issue rather then a “the end… for now?” because with the way things go, who’s to say if it’ll actually get touched upon again?

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