Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #42

Beating up Livewire turns into a Gordon family affair.

The Spoilers:

Livewire is gone, and Babs is left facing Batman (her father) who once again, claims she’s under arrest. Jim gives her five seconds to flee, but quickly catches up to her, where he exits the suit. Turns out with the suit in standby mode, he can’t be monitored directly, and tells Babs that Powers Industries wants him to take down all the masks, but he doesn’t want to, not after all the good they’ve done, so he tells Babs to lay low for awhile.

But that’s not going to happen, and the next day Babs and Frankie get to work trying to figure out how to beat Livewire, and an energy containment unit seems to be key, so off to Qadir. Babs’ go-to tech guy helps here out, but it’s probably the last time he’ll be at the university, as he just got hired by Luke Fox’s startup.

Long story short, Babs and her father team up to take down Livewire after a lengthy fight. Once again, Jim gives Babs the time to escape before the rest of the authorities and Powers Industries arrives.

Babs wakes up the next morning and oh look at that, Alysia is in her apartment and tells Babs that she’s getting married and guess who is the maid of honor?


The Opinion:

Fun issue. I like that it pretty much directly addressed my problem with Jim being so eager to take down the masks before him from the prior issue, so it’s always nice when I get shut up like that. If there’s one thing I feel is missing, is that sense of build up to something bigger that the last arc had, but again, maybe I’m just missing it? While the art was pretty good as always last issue, it did suffer from some consistency problems with Babs Tarr going solo for the first time and a separate background artist being uised. This time around, Tarr is working off layouts again (though, not Cameron Stewart’s) so things have a more even look throughout the issue. 

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