Friday, July 10, 2015

Cassandra Cain returns in Batman and Robin Eternal

More details are coming out about the Batman and Robin Eternal announcement, and like Batman Eternal before it, a fan favorite returns, this time it's Cassandra Cain.

Other details include the shortened length of the series (26 issues) which will be launching in October, as well as Tony Daniel serving as the "main" artist. What that means for Deathstroke, who knows. Tim Seeley and Tom King (Tom King will be part of Robin War instead) will be helping on writing duties, but will be joined by Ed Brisson, Jackson Lanzing, "and more."

EDIT: James Tynion just confirmed Genevieve Valentine, Steve Orlando, and Collin Kelly would be writing as well.

EDIT 2: Paul Pelletier and Scot Eaton will contribute to art.

Speaking of Lanzing, he wrote Hacktivist, which was illustrated by Marcus To, who is a studiomate of Francis Manapul, who said a friend of his would be taking over Detective... Lanzing on Detective? Just spit-balling here. Add Collin Kelly to that potential list after the edit above. Or maybe Ed Brisson is writing Detective. Let's just cover all the bases here.



  1. Scot Eaton and Paul Pelletier as other artists named really excites me. This is a pretty great slate of writers and artists. Nice they're pulling new voices onboard as well.

    1. ah, I didn't see those two announced. I hope at least a good inker is on Eaton's issues... The stuff I saw on Futures End look waaaaay worse than his earlier DC stuff he did for the Bat office recently.

    2. Didn't realize he did Futures End stuff. I felt his stuff in the Arkham War mini-series was fairly good and in line with Daniel's and Pelletier's art styles.

      Good inkers make or break even the best though (coughMahnkecough).

  2. Oh thank god they listed to as about the issues. Hopefully with less issues the plot and transitions will be more smoother than year one.

  3. Thank you DC for understanding our desire for a Grayson Weekly and cass's return

  4. I'm ecstatic for the return of Cassandra Cain. She was MY Batgirl. I hope she teams up with Harper and Tim.

    Eternal 2 gives me something else to review weekly again, which I also like.