Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stack Rundown, 06/28/2015

At this point, I think it'd be best if I just take my Marvel fandom, bring it around back behind the shed, and do what needs to be done. I'm down to one book with them, which is a comedy book, and not one announcement they had all week was interesting to me in anyway... It's not looking good for me and post-Secret Wars Marvel.

Justice League 3001 #1

I read the first six issues of JL3k, but fell off immediately afterwards, because I just couldn’t get interested in the Furious 5 or whatever the antagonists were called, just made for sort of an uninteresting story to me. The thing is though, I really liked everything else about it, from Howard Porter’s art to the fact that it’s primarily Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman being total assholes to one another, which is still the case in 3001. A lot has happened between when I dropped this book the first time and picked it up here… Apparently Lois Lane is in this Ariel Masters lady and she wants to kill Superman? Okay. Teri is the Flash? Sure. Guy Gardner got brought back as a woman? Makes sense. Everything is just weird and dumb in a glorious way, and now that we know DC is in full “do whatever” mode, (at least, that’s what they want us to think) I feel like I’ll have no problems sticking with this book if the creative team is just given free reign to do weird entertaining dumb shit.

Uncanny Avengers #5

It’s over. This book, I don’t know… I’ve made my thoughts on this arc and with the stupidity of Marvel’s relaunches, the entire volume, clear… it came off like a half assed way to retcon the two characters Marvel wanted to use from the X Universe for their movies, and unfortunately they brought what once was a great book down with it. So here we are, concluded, in just a mess of final issue that wraps up a whole bunch of weird subplots that seemingly had nothing to do with each other, and that’s that. There’s some tease that some stuff will be followed up upon, but I’ve got to wonder what’s the point? If Remender gets a crack at Uncanny Avengers again, I hope Marvel just leaves him be and lets him do what he’s good at, because everything Axis and beyond has been a mess.

Howard the Duck #4

This was one of those issues that was decent, but not exactly memorable for me. I actually had to remind myself what happened when going to write this, and I just read this yesterday. I do remember the panel of Peter Parker giving Howard the stink-eye, so there was that part which was great, but other than that, there was Howard… the adequate gauntlet or something. Yeah, I don’t know. Not exactly a laugh out loud issue for me. If I’m being honest, with my sinking interest in Marvel, this book is going to have to be on its A game from here on out, because I’m pretty much one foot out the door with Marvel at the moment.

Southern Cross #4

I’ve given this book a fair shot, but in the end, it’s just not grabbing me at all. I came into this issue realizing that I had no memory of what happened in the previous issue, so just realized that it was time to stop trying, as it’s not fair to anyone for me to keep reading a book I know that isn’t going to ever do anything for me. As usual, this isn’t a sign of quality for the book, I’m sure there are a good deal of people who really like it, strictly a personal thing, just not a book for me.

The Fade Out #7

As I’m reading the bulk of this issue which was Charlie and Maya sneaking away for a romantic weekend or whatever, I asked myself if I could remember what the point of it all was… but by the end of the issue everything sort of gets brought back to the mystery at hand, which was the murder way back in issue #1 which seems to go forgotten by some issues. This book is the equivalent of taking the scenic route… It sure is nice, but boy does it take a while some times. At this point I could just use an issue or two that has a hard focus on progressing the mystery a bit further along. 

Annihilator #6

No one ends a series quite like Grant Morrison, who along with Frazer Irving, just sort of went insane this issue. You ever read anything about Grant Morrison and the devil, magic, etc? Well, that’s this issue in a nutshell, on an exponential level. Just full on insanity, people taking off their faces, guy who probably is the devil having made the universe we live in, magic I think, gods that travel dimensions, yep, it’s a Grant Morrison book. I like how in the beginning of this series I thought “huh, this is actually pretty straight forward for Morrison, but at the end, it’s just full on hands up in the air “whatever, just take me for a ride” mode for me. Just kind of pure insanity in the best form possible.

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