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Stack Rundown, 06/21/2015

Yeah, I think moving this post to Sundays is going to be a permanent thing from here on out, just too little time for me to read everything and have a post on Saturday morning without it feeling like work. So, I hope you like checking the internet on Sunday, or whatever.

Justice League of America #1

I was so confused reading this book, not because of any of the content, but just trying to figure out why it existed. I mean, it isn’t really part of any current continuity, it doesn’t have any special angle other than “we got rid of all the unique characters” and, well… I don’t know, it just seems redundant at times… but it also seems pretty fucking cool as well? I guess this book is the marquee title in DC’s current “Story first, continuity next” thought process, because it makes a good case for continuity being too restrictive to telling cool stories, because the sort of shit that happens in this issue is definitely pretty cool when you think about it as a whole, very movie-like… you might even say “cinematic” oooooooh. Sure, when you try and piece together when this takes place, where are the other characters, etc. none of it makes any sense, but if you just decide to not care about that sort of stuff, the story presented definitely could go some places. 

Secret Six #3

Well, the launch of this book was definitely botched, wasn’t it? Had to go way back to figure out where things left off in the second issue. They were trapped together in some box, now they’re not? I guess? Sure, whatever. Overall, I’m liking this title, but every now and then I do get that same sort of feeling that I got with Gail Simone’s Batgirl where it just feels to me like she’s pandering to her die-hard fans. It’s always in the “touching” scenes, notably the one between Catman and Strix with the dinner table, everyone’s just talking sweetly to each other, calling everyone shit like “Buttercup” and I’m just sitting here going “this is tumblr bait.” I mean, its not bad, but it’s just… eehhh to me. This sort of stuff has just seemingly increased in Simone’s work, it just seems like one of those check boxes that has to be hit. But anyways, there’s sort of a big twist, one that I didn’t catch the first time around, but it’s pretty cool… Not going to spoil the last page, but I find it funny that for however long Gail Simone had that rumored Plastic Man project, THAT was the character she reveals.

Low #7

And Low comes back with some Rick Remender-Ass Rick Remender shit. That ending man, sheesh… that said, killing your lover never looked so pretty thanks to Greg Tocchini’s art. The only problem I had with this issue was that I was so confused as to who the fuck I was reading. For a second I thought “Is this a time jump, is this Stel for some reason? No… one of the daughters?” and I was right on the second guess, but it’s never mentioned anywhere in the book, you just have to go to the letters page to find out, which isn’t something I usually do. ANYWAYS. I like that this book will seemingly jump around to the family members stranded under the ocean and how that expands the very small world they all live in. 


Yo, this book still reminds me of Mirrors Edge, which is even more apparent now that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a thing with a trailer and a release date now. I mean, that’s pretty much where my thoughts begin and end on this book. I think it’s pretty cool, but the story isn’t exactly grab you tight captivating. It’s fun, looks good, still very reminiscent of a video game. Only real problem is that it feels super decompressed at times, but oh well.

Southern Bastards #9

I sort of feel bad for liking this book so much, because it’s just fucked up shit happening to somewhat decent people most of the time, but the fucked up shit makes for the best sort of drama. It’s also become clear by now that the book is going to be shifting protaganists each arc, as we went from Coach Boss to the Sheriff who used to play for Boss as the focus of the story. I like how detailed this book can be, example being the last few pages where you see the Sheriff take out and put his wedding ring back on, which may indicate he’s been hiding a family to keep them safe? Or to go with that last page of narration, he straight up just doesn’t give a fuck about them. Southern Bastards! ::Jazz hands:: Jason Aaron and Latour are just building quite the little world here, you could almost see it as a TV sh—oh wait, it is going to be a TV show now, maybe… (it just got optioned by FX). Well that’s not surprising. 

Empty Zone #1

This was one of those books that I saw and went “that looks cool” without really knowing much about it before i picked it up… and yeah, it went about as well as you’d expect. Cybernetic lady… bounty hunter I think? I don’t know. Just a whole lot of vague premises and characters, didn’t really grasp me from the start, and given that I kind of don’t have time for books to dick around and get to the point these days, if I don’t get hooked immediately, it’s very likely I’m just going to pass… like now. Art was great though.

Revival #30

Time has sort of flown by, i mean, we’re already at issue #30 of this series… That’s a lot! Quite a lot of change went into this book from last issue to now… mainly because a bunch of characters died and a lot of shit got blown up last issue, so one would think shit would tend to change based off that. I like when books make big shifts like this one, keeps things fresh, so now we’re going from a small town story to a small town story which now just so happens to include a big overt military operation which is rounding up the reviver population into concentration camps. FUN! Hooray for things getting complicated thus keeping the book compelling!

Rick and Morty #3

Okay, the main story of this issue was fine and all, but what was really worth it was the back up story, which was AMAZING, thus why it was given the cover of the issue. Seriously. Just perfect grim Rick and Morty humor for those four or five pages. Just amazing. Give that story all the Eisners, that is all.

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