Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stack Rundown, 06/14/2015

Multiple times yesterday I was all "I should write that post," but I was also playing the Witcher 3, which I've dumped nearly every free hour I've had into every night since it came out, and while doing so, had purposely avoided Skellige, knowing that I had too much to do on the main continent... Then yesterday I figured I'd go see what Yen was doing, and hooooooooly crap, there's so much more to do.

Oh yeah, comics!

Starfire #1

Being a fan of Harley Quinn, and Emanuela Lupacchino’s art, there was no way I wasn’t going to pick up this book, despite being pretty indifferent towards Starfire as a character. On the surface, the book has a damn similar set up as Harley, as it’s the main character, living in a new place, sort of cut off from the rest of the DCU with the book operating in its own little world. Definitely not the same Starfire as Lobdell wrote in Red Hood, Conner and Palmiotti are leaning towards the cartoon depiction of her with all the innocence and naiveté towards human life and customs. It’s entertaining and looks pretty damn good. Not as funny as Harley Quinn, but it’s funny in its own different way, but I’m interested in seeing if the “it’s funny because she doesn’t know what something is” sort of humor will keep me reading… Regardless of that, with Harley mentioning wanting to go down to Florida in her #17, I expect a crossover before the end of the year between the two books. Or maybe that’s the road trip special?

Constantine: The Hellblazer #1

I came away from the 8 pager of this book pretty interested, as I’m a fan of Riley Rossmo’s art and think he’s a perfect fit for the character.  So I read this issue and when all was said and done, I thought it was pretty good, but the only problem was that I came away not really caring in the end. It didn’t really do anything to make me overlook my general lack of enthusiasm for the character and want to see what happens in #2. It just ends on someone is offing John’s ghost buddies, and I just don’t care. That said, it was a good issue, just not for me.

Earth 2: Society #1

I fell off the Earth 2 wagon hard a year or two back. After Tom Taylor took over, I liked it for a bit following the transition, but then I realized it was super repetitive and just seemed too much like Injustice, which I was getting tired of at the time, as well. Then all the weekly nonsense happened, and I was REALLY out… THEN Convergence, which I couldn’t give two shits about. So here we are, with sort of a fresh state of Earth 2… new planet, only 12 cities, pretty limited scope, and you know what, I thought it was pretty alright. I always liked the idea of a different Earth, but shit always gets to be too much eventually. If this book keeps things simple for awhile, I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding time to read and enjoy it.

Descender #4

I don’t have much to say about this issue, but I am liking the series enough to continue reading it, which is saying something considering I mentally dropped and picked it back up about three times. I’ll say that Dustin Nguyen’s art goes a long way with me. I believe the next issue is the end of the first arc, so I’ll be curious to see if they sort of “turn the page” to the bigger picture and if that’ll be something that really sinks its hooks into me.

Nameless #4

Jesus fucking christ… We’re in full on “WHAT IS REAL!?” Morrison mode, and I’m super confused while sort of being in love. So last issue ended in some fucked up alien possession shit… or something, and booooooooy does it continue this issue. Gore, gore, gore, with a little sodomy on top. Yeah, things went a bit Crossed with a trippy Morrison touch. I think the one thing that really gets me is the shit that happened to Sofia… or her head. It’s just like “oh, she was such a pretty girl, now maggots with her face are crawling out of the back of her skull, rad.” Seriously, just a total “what the fuck” sort of issue. 

Black Science #15

Well, some shit with the Shaman definitely went down this issue, huh? And wouldn’t you know it, things are going too well on Grant’s side as well… and Kadir is faced with someone that makes him say “y-you!?” or something like that… Man, this was one of those “fuck this issue, gimme next issue right now!” sort of issues. Apparently the book is headed for a big shift in direction, which would be saying a lot for a Remender book considering how crazy any one given issue could be. Interested to see what that would be… maybe this group dies and we start following an alternate group who comes across the old? I don’t know. Still seems there’s a lot to develop with the old group.

Saga #29

Speaking of some shit going down, man, fuck this book… I don’t mean that, but still, god damn it. Talk about just getting rid of characters with no fucking warning. So yeah… kind of fuck this book! Last two issues have been particularly brutal in that regard, and I don’t know how much more my heart can take. Now I’m just going to be scared to invest in any new character that pops up, because holy shit, one minute a big dragon is sucking his own dick, then next GOODBYE (not joking). Good thing this one is going on break soon, but also, NOOOOOO. This arc went by quickly, I’ll say that much.

I also had Spider-Gwen #5 as well as Starve #1 on my pull, but I just couldn't get around to them, really. Spider-Gwen's novelty as worn off and I've just sort of moved on I guess, and despite being a fan of food, nothing Brian Wood has written has ever really hit big with me, so I just couldn't get around to reading Starve. Maybe when I'm super bored and have nothing to do, I'll give it a shot and I'll like it (has happened before, Fatale notably) but until then... yeah, I'd rather be playing Witcher. 

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