Saturday, June 6, 2015

Stack Rundown, 06/06/2015

And on the sixth month, Convergence ended, DC started publishing real comics again, and thus, they were read.

Justice League #41

Honestly, this is the type of story Justice League should be telling, because we got the two heavyweights on either side and the Justice League in between them, and you know what we don’t have? All the other books coming to a halt for poorly planned tie-in series. With the Justice League going up against Darkseid and The Anti-Monitor at the same time, you have all the feeling of an event series with none of the bullshit that comes with it… but then you also get DC’s “never mind continuity, we’re just into cool shit now” with all the contradictions… like Batman being Batman, Superman still all regular and what not, and so on. But whatever, hopefully this story is great and can show that we don’t need event bullshit to tell event-like stories.

Green Arrow #41

This was one of those issues I picked up with no real expectations. Green Arrow went from being terrible to being great, to being a thinly veiled “let’s sort of make this like the show” comic which no one was interested in. Now it’s sort of going back to basics and it’s pretty decent in some areas but doesn’t really stand out in a few others. The story at hand reminds me of Percy’s fill in issues on Detective Comics, there’s a mystery, and the main character has to figure it out. There’s a good sense of atmosphere especially with Zircher’s art, but the story didn’t give a real reason why this should be a Green Arrow story specifically. In fact, when I made the connection of similarities between this and the Detective issues, I thought “wow, this could have easily been a general Batman story too,” and that’s part of the problem with Green Arrow lately. He’s painted in such a Batman-lite way at the moment, and I’ve lost any real sense of how he should be portrayed properly. I just know that I got some serious “Green Batman” flashbacks in this issue, especially with some super dramatic sounding dialogue on Ollie’s part. I’ll give this the three part arc, but if it doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself out from the crowd, I don’t see myself sticking with it. 

Midnighter #1

Motherfucker kicks a rib eye steak through a dude’s skull. This comic is alright by me. SO! I’m reading a Midnighter book, eh? Surprising given the fact that on multiple occasions during the New 52 I probably said something along the lines of “Stop trying to make Wildstorm work, no one cares,” and to be honest, I still feel that way. DC’s attempts to make Stormwatch and Grifter matter next to the Justice League while having their editorial teams pull the properties in every direction possible made all that New 52 Wildstorm garbage not worth it. Then Grayson happened and now Midnighter is cool? Sure. Whatever. This issue paints him as the total badass that he is, and picks up some elements from Grayson with the Gardner and the Godgarden, which weren’t my favorite elements of Grayson, but that’s because how loosely they were defined/explained. Perhaps this series will shed some light on the subject and get me to turn around. Anyways, great first issue, gives a really solid impression of who this character is and what he does, definitely sticking around to see where it goes.

The Omega Men #1

I came into May knowing about this book, but not really caring. Read a bunch of hype about it and then the 8 page preview and went “huh… that was pretty hardcore,” so here I am, reading it, and it’s still pretty hardcore. Basically, this book is about a bunch of terrorists, but they’re the sympathetic ones. There are two sides to every story, even when some nationalistic pride omits the desire to hear the other side, and that’s where this series is clearly going to step into, because while the Omega Men are painted as terrorists by those they’re fighting against, they’re their protagonists, and you can just as easily paint them as revolutionaries. It’s a really interesting concept, with quite a good amount of balls, and it’ll be interesting to see the shades of grey painted here. Like Grayson, I feel like Tom King with his CIA background, is pretty well suited to write this book, so if you do like Grayson for those types of elements, I suggest picking this one up too.

The Wicked + The Divine #11

Holy fucking shit towards that ending. Those last couple of pages just turned the entire series on it’s head. I don’t know how to handle what just happened! There are so many god damn questions and so few answers… I mean, where does the book even go from here? I just assume that this is the part where everything goes insane, which is fine by me, because it is truly rare to see a book go this far off the reservation seemingly out of no where. It still amazes me that I was *THIS* close to dropping this book around issue #3, but man… I sure am glad that I stuck with it, because I enjoy this level of crazy and unpredictability. 

Nailbiter #13

Oooooooh, who called the creepy priest in the town that breeds serial killers as being fucked up too!? ME! That’s who! Annnnnnnd probably everyone else who reads this book, because I mean, come on… kind of obvious. I’m so torn on this book at times, and this is one of those issues that highlights it. The general story is very good, and it has kept me reading through a year+ of issues, but it takes its damn sweet time, this arc especially. I said this last issue that it frustrated me that it was all “YOU WAN’T ANSWERS, WE GOT ANSWERS, except not at all.” Then this issue does the same sort of thing going “annnnswe-NOPE” even acknowledging the fact how not forthcoming its own characters are. It’s just frustrating to read sometimes, but not a knock on the quality or anything. 

Airboy #1

I had heard about this book awhile ago, but sort of lost track of it, then saw it up on Comixology on Wednesday and thought “I have a job now, fuck it!” so I bought it, and man, was it interesting. Basic premise is a sort of autobiographical story of James Robinson and a low point in his career, struggling to find a way to write Airboy, a public domain superhero. It breaks the fourth wall like crazy, and readers of this site (and those who follow the hush hush New 52 drama) would definitely be interested in it, as he directly discusses his DC work, how he thinks it sucks, readers think it sucks, being typecast as the golden age guy, or no one giving a shit unless he’s killing Batman. It also goes on to address multiple things like drug addiction, depression and what not, all heavy stuff. It’s totally weird reading something that’s this honest about a lot of shit, but very interesting nonetheless.


  1. Wicked + The Divine - THAT ENDING

    Ananke's gotta be killing the extra gods (because there has to be way more than 12) and taking her life. That's how she's lived this long.