Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPOILERS: We Are Robin #1

How many issues until we have an "I'm Spartacus Robin!" moment? I'm going to say 5.

The Spoilers:

This is the story of Duke Thomas, and how he's had a rough go of it since Endgame, when he lost contact with his parents, and obviously fears the worse. Nevertheless, Duke keeps searching, and ends up in trouble in doing so, forcing him to be bounced from foster home to foster home, under the guidance of Leslie Thompkins. 

After he gets beat up, brought in by the cops and transferred to a new home, he runs away again, looking for his parents in the underground, but he's being watched... and because there's no point in dramatizing that fact, he's being watched by the Robin group, who take interest in him, because he's had direct contact with the Bat.

Anyways, Duke is in the underground and comes across a meeting lead by some... guy who is clearly planning some bad shit for the city above. Unfortunately, Duke is found out and has to run, but is rescued by the group of kids, who are ready to fight.

In an epilogue, seems like those kids are being watched by someone with access to robot bats. This person knew that it was only a matter of time people would step up like this, and seems ready and willing to properly equip them. I'm going to guess it's Tim Drake, or hell, maybe it's incognito Bruce.


The Thoughts:

Good first issue. When I was reading this, Duke comes across as a bit of a punk, but with a good heart. I was questioning it like "Is this how Duke would really act?" but then you realize, you really don't know dick about Duke, so who's to say really? After I reminded myself that Duke is sort of a blank slate, I was pleased that this issue does a such a good job at trying to define who he is, so you do get to know this character who basically just has sort of shown up in Batman just because up until this point. Another question I had going into this book was how it would operate within Gotham and its continuity, and sure enough, with that epilogue tease, the connections were promised, so that satisfied me.

Overall, I didn't know a whole lot going into this book, no one really did if we're all being honest with ourselves, but Lee Bermejo and company made a really solid first impression on me, so I feel safe in reading the future issues with no hesitation. 


  1. I was pretty sure the person at the end was Alfred.

  2. Wasn't the guy in the underground the Ratcatcher?