Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SPOILERS: Robin: Son of Batman #1

You guys, this might be the Damian book I've been waiting what seems like forever for.

The Spoilers:

The first issue of this title jumps around a bit, while Damian deals with a man who has captured and ordered the execution of his new partner Goliath, we see how their partnership came to be in a flashback. Some recent amount of time ago, Damian was on a mandatory night off when he got contacted by one of his mother's old scientists requesting his assistance with the beast, who had grown restless. Damian traveled to the old al'Ghul compound, and we learn that the whistle Damian uses to control Goliath is in a sub, along with the rest of the "year of blood," which Damian wants to confront, but is called elsewhere.

Speaking of elsewhere, to match a bit where Damian tells the man who captured Goliath that he's the son of Batman, seems like some of his old foes had children as well, as Nobody II, the daughter of Nobody, who Damian killed, retrieves her father's mask from the bottom of the bay and relives the recording of his death, one she's sure to seek revenge upon.

After Damian and Goliath do what they'll probably be doing through out the series (wrecking shit), they escape, and Damian tells Goliath he wishes to go home. Not knowing anywhere else, Goliath takes Damian back to the lab he had been kept at, which leads Damian to finally confront the year of blood... Which is essentially a vault with trophies from his time training as the heir to the al'Ghul family. Every day Talia and Ra's would send him on an assassination, and every day he'd bring back a morbid trophy. After some thinking, Damian decides he wants to redeem himself in a year of atonement, and Goliath seems to have an idea where to start, hovering around a trophy with a symbol that Damian recognizes belonging to someone called The Guardian... oh and by now, Nobody II is invisible, stalking him.

Speaking of the Guardian, remember how Talia is stranded in the himalayans, with no memory? Well, someone with the same symbol as Damian saw finds and attacks her. Whoever it is, it's enough for her to remember who Damian is. 


The Thoughts: 

Coming out of the sneak peek, I liked what I had read, but still had a lot of questions as to how this book would be presented and how I'd receive it... Well, as I said in the sentence before the jump, I think I'm going to really love this book.

Damian is my favorite character, this fact has been known for a long time, but when thinking about how a Damian solo title would operate, things could get problematic. Damian can be a very abrasive character on his own, and in the best stories that have been told with him, he always has a foil to balance him out, so my thought was that he'd always need a guest star or a co-star within his own book to play off of... Now, I wasn't exactly expecting some giant ass man-bat, but there is time spent showing that despite this thing being a giant (hungry) brute, it cares for Damian, and given his past with pets, it seems like Goliath will work as that counterbalance to Damian... Also, coming off the heels of Game of Thrones, the best way to explain Damian and Goliath is basically Daenerys and Drogon, sorta.

Coming into this series, I wasn't sure really what to expect, but it only took a few pages of this first issue for me to become sold on what Patrick Gleason is doing with the character, and this book has skyrocketed to the top of my "read this first each week" mental list.


  1. I've said this before but this book NEEDS Emiko Queen. Maybe for an annual issue?

  2. Will you still be doing write ups for batman beyond

    1. No. I'm not a fan of Dan Jurgens' writing nor the whole concept behind that book.