Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn/Power Girl #1

You know how the original Harley Quinn book is pretty insane on its own? Well, put that book in space and things get that much crazier... it is glorious.

The Spoilers:

So remember that one time in Harley Quinn #12 where Harley and PG were transported out of their dimension and came back the next panel, two weeks later, with PG in a wedding dress? Well that's this story.

So when they're transported, they find a TOTALLY NOT Yoda dude, who is horny, and wants to party... also he has a hydra monster for some reason, as well as a lot of big fucking guns... This is a Harley Quinn book, so it shouldn't be a surprise how that goes.

After horny not Yoda and his pet are dealt with, the duo finds a big robot head, why? I don't know, let's not question it, shall we? Inside is basically the sleaziest 70s bachelor pad imaginable, which spoilers, belongs to Vartox, who is basically a sleazy looking 70s pornstar looking dude, who is currently locked up by some evil alien dictator who doesn't like hedonism, or something along those lines.

And the giant head launches into space and takes Harley and PG to the planet Vartox is on. Some confrontations and Harley blowing the head off an alien who said PG looked like a prostitute later, and the locals of Vartox's opressed planet seem to recognize PG, thinking she's an android... but they find out that she's the real her (which makes you wonder about Vartox and his androids) and maybe she'll save them? Safe to say, she has no fucking clue what's going on. But that doesn't matter, because a bunch of bad guys show up, and the next issue is going to start off with a big fight in which I'm sure Harley will kill many a alien. 


The Thoughts:

The Power Girl arc in Harley Quinn wasn't my favorite, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I thought other issues were better... This issue, probably this entire book, though... boy did I love it. Not only does it have Stephane Roux's wonderful art (full of fantastic facial expressions) but it's just flat out fucking insane. It's funny, it's immature, it's pretty much every thing I wanted from this mini-series. I sincerely hope this creative team continues doing spin off mini series, because if they can continue doing issues like this, then we'd have near endless stream of fantastically entertaining books.

Suggestions... Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, or Harley Quinn explores the Multiverse for other versions of herself... DO IT, DC.

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