Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #17

Ah, Harley Quinn... I missed you and your beaver jokes... now with added batteries on the bedroom floor. Subtlety, thy name is not Harley.

The Spoilers:

So, with a hang of people that look like her with the plan to fight crime, things go about as violently as you'd expect for Harley and her gang's first night out. But hey, it was a good night and they got paid with a chicken, so it's time to go legit. Well, maybe not legit, but Harley does pay a visit to the mayor and tells him to stay out of their way or else (she's doing a fair amount of blackmailing, by the way). Safe to say, Harley didn't make a new friend.

Elsewhere, Popeye Captain Strong is out on the ocean untying his boat from a bed of seaweed, which he decides to try out to see if he can sell for food... But it gives him glowy eyes and super strength? Sure. 

Anyways, Harley's out on a date with Mason talking about her past and his past, but it's broken up by the cops who take Mason back in for killing the mayor's son... Considering I thought Mason was lame, I don't really care.

So the next morning, Harley wakes up, gets those birds she ordered, lets them go, tells Mason's mom about the previous night, then checks in on her gang who got contacted by Stong's wife, reporting him missing. So Harlem Harley and Harvey Quinn go to an old crusty sea guy bar looking for Strong, whose in the bathroom, ready to kick their ass.


The Thoughts: 

Like I said, god damn it, did I miss this book. Still funny, still looks great, still a favorite. The opening scene with the gang was a bunch of dumb slapstick violence which is always a good time, and things remained just as fun throughout. Then, Mason got locked up, and as I mentioned, I've never been a fan, so I'm not exactly crying over here. 

But let's take thing seriously for a moment, I don't understand the scene with the birds... So she orders those birds last issue, gets them, there's one not that funny bit, and she lets them go... the end? Just sort of seemed like a waste of pages.

Back to what really matters: The 37th "GET IT?! Beaver?!" joke in this series. They never get old. Never stop, this book... never stop.

Chad Hardin's art is also as good as it has ever been. There was a good stretch there where it seemed like various little elements were tweaked from issue-to-issue, be it the line work, coloring style or and increase of jaw bone depiction, but things seemed to have settled down in that regard, and I'm back to having absolutely no nitpicks towards it. 

Convergence is over and all the books like Batman are back, but I don't see Jim Gordon making any dumb immature dick jokes, so THIS BOOK > BATMAN. That's right. I said it.

Not really.

But those genitalia jokes, though.

So kinda yes, really.

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