Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #9

Hmm... I think Tim Seeley and Tom King know exactly what they're doing in relation to handling Dick Grayson and his audience...

The Spoilers:

Minos is dead, Dick thinks his mission is over... but when he calls in home, no one answers to tell him he can return. 

Since then, Helena has taken over Spyral operations, and as head of Spyral, she has to attend a big ol' spy meeting between all the different organizations, intended to make sure everyone plays the game by the rules, so to speak. Unfortunately, someone has been killing other agencies agents after the fact on every mission Dick has been on for Spyral, that's a problem. 

Helena learns of this info while Dick is on a mission with The Tiger to steal a kryptonite crystal from some princess or something. They're initially supposed to take it slow, but Dick being Dick, seduces the necklace away from the lady and makes a break for it. While they're running, Helena (who knows Dick can't be behind the murders) suggests that Tiger might be compromised, as he's the only one who would 1. Know and 2. Be good enough to do so. That said, Helena orders Dick to ditch Tiger, which he does, begrudgingly. 

With a knocked out Tiger, this draws out the guy who has been following them, but since he walked into a trap, Dick's got an escrima stick to the head waiting for him. Unfortunately, this all means the guards had enough time to catch up to Tiger and surround him.


The Thoughts:   

Boy, is it good to have this book back. Everything that was loved about this book is back in full force, with damn near twice the half-naked Dick pandering. What a great book. Some things have changed though, mainly the fact that Helena is no longer Dick's partner in the field, and I felt that direct contact dynamic between the two was sorely missing. Helena in a position of power makes sense, but as I said last month, those two together was a major draw for this book, and changing it now could potentially be a swing and a miss. I hope that doesn't become a larger problem for me as the book goes on... Anyways! I found the ending to be a little confusing... maybe. Mostly because we see the guy who I guess has been following Dick, and it's literally no one we know with no distinguishing traits of any sort, so there was that. Then, I'm questioning what happened to that guy all together. Was he really the guy killing people? Or did the real killer throw that stick, because that dude looks fucking dead... Then again, Dick would have to have past the killer in the vent? Okay, so did Dick throw the stick to protect Tiger? How would he have known to turn around and look if he thought Tiger might be compromised?

Like I said, ending is a bit confusing... maybe.

Regardless, Grayson is back and it is still on of DC's best books. That's a fact.


  1. That guy who followed Tiger is pretty dead. It was definitely the killer who threw the escrima stick.

  2. I don't think it's a stretch to just auto-speculate that Nemesis is 1. Not dead, did a switch on the train and 2. Good enough (better) to be able to frame up Grayson like this. The question is who is handling Nemesis and is he being coerced to do it or not, and obviously that who's who at the Spy Club Meeting are totally all suspects.

    I recognize DC's Original I, Spy, Faraday, Gail Simone's Spy Smasher, and possibly a Mademoiselle Marie. I figure the sharp suit on the left is probably Max Lord. Sarge Steel is obviously the guy with the steel hand. Ragface is most likely Grifter. The tall bald guy I have no idea.

    Let's do some process of elimination maybe and figure out which agency hasn't lost a man to the spyhunter (that is totally probably Nemesis).

  3. That dance scene was fantastic. So very Bond, and so very Grayson.