Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham by Midnight #6

When something's strange, in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Well, not the Ghost Busters, because their comic rights are licensed to IDW, which is not DC, thus not this book. LEGAL STUFF.

The Spoilers:

After the death of Sister Justice, the whole Midnight Shift is a little shaken up. People are freaked out about the Spectre basically saying he's going to kill everyone, Drake being essentially a banshee of some sort, and so on... Also Dr. Tarr has seemingly gone off the deep end a bit.

Anyways, somehow, the Midnight Shift got called in to Powers Industries to deal with a ghost problem. which is odd, since no one ever calls them, they more just find the sort of stuff they deal with. Odder yet is that it's happening now when IA is building a case against them, which makes Weaver think they should lawyer up.

Anyways, at Powers Industries, long story short, they're building an Apple Watch essentially, boss dude gave older tech some drugs to stay in and continue working late, had a "stroke," records were fudged, and ghosts come. Messy situation, but it's dealt with. Corrigan and Drake still can't shake the fact that they were called...

Which means, someone in the city knows about them, as Weaver's lawyer friend Kate Spencer explains. Could be anyone, from cops to super villains, and they could be planning anything. Also, that weird plant Tarr is working on is still weird.


The Thoughts:

I actually liked this issue quite a bit. The art was more straight forward (not a knock against Templesmith, just stating facts here) but still looked gorgeous, and the story wasn't anywhere near as weird, clandestine and sort of hard to follow as the opening arc. Overall, it was just a very much more straight forward issue, which is something I thought this series needed, and it even plays with current Gotham toys a bit (Powers Industries) providing that connection to Gotham, which I've always questioned. Overall, for a book that I still hold some hesitation towards, this issue did a good job of providing me more of a reason to continue reading, and I'm happy for it.

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