Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #7

When Olive's away, Maps and Damian will play... one of whom is more reluctant towards that entire idea than the other.

The Spoilers:

For mysterious reasons of a mysterious nature, Olive is away from school, while Maps remains behind, distracted from Bookworm's class with her own planning of an D&D-like RPG in her notebook, with the feather quill pen she stole from Headmaster Hammer's office a couple issues back. As soon as she writes down that kid Eric's name in her notebook, he starts acting funny and lunges at the teacher, only to be tackled by Damian, the Academy's newest student. Maps crosses out Eric's name, immediately deciding that Damian needs to be on her team, oddly enough, Eric goes back to normal as well.

Later, after finding out Damian's name, she puts "Maps Mizoguchi + Damian Wayne" in her notebook as the ultimate power team for her game, but when they come across each other, their hands get stuck together, and so begins their adventure to get unstuck. 

After Maps' quill is stolen from her by a raven, she and Damian head to Pom's dorm to see if she can figure how to get them unstuck, but she starts acting strange like Eric and attacks, causing them to flee and run into Maps' brother who acts the same.

Eventually they make their way to Professor MacPhereson and tell her their situation, which reminds her of a tale from her homeland about an old castle called Inishtree, where years ago Batman foiled a plot that had similar circumstances (the castle is also that of a Wayne ancestor). So the trio go out looking for the Quil, which may be from a feather of a bird that caused mind control, once thought loss.

They come across the kids in the school grounds and they're still acting weird, so Damian and Maps tie them up until they can figure out whats going on, but Bookworm shows up, takes back the Quill, and explains that it has traces of a bird-flu on it, thus everyone acting weird and Maps/Damian's hand weren't really stuck together. 

In Hammer's office, Damian takes the blame for stealing the quill, claiming it was a Wayne family heirloom to begin with, and is promptly expelled by Hammer, who seems pleased to expel a Wayne. When Damian is leaving, Maps tries to convince him that something was up, pointing to her notebook she found on the grounds after they were seperated, as someone had crossed out their names. Damian can't be bothered by it, but on his way out, he gives Maps a Batarang, claiming she might need it one day... Maps freaks out. Before she can go full on fangirl, Prof. MacPhereson finds her and tells her that something happened with Olive.


The Thoughts:

I knew it was only a temporary thing, but Damian being gone in one issue is a bummer. Sort of disappointed that we didn't get more of why he was actually at the school, which seemed to be because he was on some sort of mission that involved that diary everyone was after. Regardless, it was another fun issue and Maps marking out for Damian and his bat-related gear was damn adorable. Mingle Helen Chen filled in on art this month, and any time Karl Kerschl needs a break, then by all means, get Chen, because holy crap... looks like a Disney movie... Which is fitting because she worked in Disney's animation department, but still, holy crap does this issue look good!


  1. Great number, it was awesome but totally agree, is such a bummer to see Demian only for this time, I would love to see him come back once in a while as Robin at least to say hi.
    PD: Now I will be anxious about what happened to Olive at least until the next month.

  2. He'll be back, of that I'm sure. I liked all the surprise Bruce history we got here. More Batman adventures in the Wayne Scottish ancestry, and Damian embracing that fact. Bruce having been expelled. I don't need it to track with previous bat-stories, but it did bring to mind both Alan Grant's Scottish Connection and Grant Morrison's Gothic.

    Plus a mysterious possibly magic writing quill and Bookworm? What's not to love?