Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #41

Okay... straight up, this issue is basically the anti-Batman #41, further highlighting my questing of releasing it on the same day.

The Spoilers:

Long story short, Bullock has been on some personal case to find what happened to Batman, but Commissioner Sawyer is calling him off and he's got the option to go back to his old shitty beat or join the new Batman task force. 

There's some big circus which all of Gotham's elite are going to attend, so remember that.

Anyways, Bullock is talking to his old (suspended) partner Nancy, who he's apparently hooking up with now about how shitty everything is, then he starts a fight in the bar with some bikers, and Renee Montoya shows up. After the fight she reveals she came back after being asked to join the Batman task force and wants Harvey to reconsider. But Harvey doesn't want to help some mystery man in a suit (I know, just wait for it) so it has to take Renee telling him that it's Jim before he agrees (but also wants to keep looking for Batman). Also, apparently Nancy, who is working security on that circus is working for the bad guys planning a massacre or something.


The Thoughts:

I said from day one that releasing this issue on the same day as Batman #41 was a bad idea, and that was just on a "why would you do that?" sort of basis... what really doesn't help its case is the fact that so much in this issue is in direct contradiction to Batman #41, which is inarguably taking the lead on this whole story. Seriously, you'd think this came from a different editorial office not in contact with the Bat office. Shit ranges from the always-mistake of putting a hard date on events, because if we're to go by this book's version of the events, Jim Gordon made the transition to being his old trench coat chain smoking self to being GorBat in two weeks flat, ignoring the months of training to get back in his marine shape. Then let's completely ignore that Jim confided in Harvey about becoming Batman, and go with this book having Renee basically leak the information to him. Again, it just seems like there's a lack of coordination, and this issue coming out the same day of Batman only left its flaws in a more glaring light. Then to a lesser extent, the book opens on Gordon as the POV character, but never returns to it, making it seem like the issue has a slight lack of focus. All of it's just annoying. 

There's also the art to talk about... Fernando Blanco is no Francis Manapul, but I am a big fan of his work as I just find it very eye pleasing and it fits Gotham with some very noir-like elements. But all things considered, Blanco's art was pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about this issue.

If this is an indication of where this book is going to stand next to Batman, I'm wondering what the pint of reading it is even going to be? Right now, I'm 95% certain we're getting a new creative team come October, and I'm at the point where I'm just flat out hoping we do... So I'm left considering not even paying attention to this book until then, as it seems Batman will provide all the story I need for this new era of the Bat.

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  1. Blanco is great.
    I suppose it's possible Gordon signed on the dotted line, but still was unsure, but once Bullock was brought in the loop and they confided, things proceeded.
    Bringing Montoya "back" was the right way to play it.
    And guessing early spec style that Nancy is Jane Doe to bring back those Detective Comics Annual beats.