Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #41

Selina returns to her life as Catwoman, but Batman isn't going to be welcoming her back anytime soon... Because he's deeeeeeeead.*

The Spoilers:

Selina's got a plan to get the Falcones back on her side despite them carrying out Black Mask's assassination order on her, and she's going to need slip into her old catsuit to do so. Plan is to replace a Falcone cash drop off with sequential bills, so the fences figure it out and Sionis can't spend the money, and it works like a charm, so Selina is off to a night of opera. A lovely night has a somber ending when Selina learns of Batman's death.

Sometime later, Selina's plan has worked like a charm, Black Mask is pissed, Penguin is playing him for her, and the Falcones are coming back with their hat in hand. Selina allows her cousin to handle the Falcones coming back into the fold (by requesting the body of the gunman who took a shot at Selina) while she deals with her own business. 

Meeting with Eiko, Selina seems to be internet on finding out what happened to Batman and suits up. Unfortunately for her, Ward walks in and discovers she's Catwoman. The two have a chat about loyalty to the family, using it for personal gain, and trust, but Selina tells Ward he will not be telling Antonia anytime soon. Ward doesn't seem like he's going to go snitching, but he leaves Selina with some halfway threatening sounding words. Nevertheless, Selina remains intent on finding out what happened to Batman.


The Thoughts:

So if the split of this book becomes Selina doing her Catwoman stuff while checking in on the family and allowing Antonia to do the heavy lifting, I think I'll enjoy it quite a bit. One of my bigger personal criticisms of the last arc was that after years of a shitty Catwoman book, we got a good writer on board, but Catwoman wasn't doing any Catwomaning so to speak, so any way we can get her back in the catsuit is fine by me. Not sure why Eiko is still in the suit... but oh well. 

I still don't give a damn about the two cops in this book, they really contribute nothing to the story and they just feel like they've got to be there because of the stereotypical "It's a crime story so the cops have to be there... for some reason." They just aren't interesting characters! 

We did have a switch in artists from the talented Garry Brown to the equally talented David Messina. A good deal of visual continuity remains between the two thanks to Messina sticking with some of the "scratchy" looking shading on shadows and blacks, along with Lee Loughridge's colors remaining the same. Overall, it's an easy transition and the book still continues to look good. 

Overall, I'm glad to have Catwoman be Catwoman again. Have a true mix between the crime family aspect of the previous arc and Selina being her true self should create an interesting new dynamic to keep the vastly improved quality of the book continuing for the months to come.

*Spoilers... not really.

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