Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SPOILERS: Black Canary #1

Remember that video of Glenn Danzig pushing some dude from some band, then getting knocked the fuck out? That's pretty much what Black Canary is... but if Danzig won... and punched everyone... at every show... and that's pretty, pretty cool.

The Spoilers:

So, jumping right into the middle of things, Dinah has joined a band, that band is Black Canary, she is doing this because she signed a contract, needs the money, rebuild life, that sort of stuff. Thing is, everywhere she and the band go, asses are kicked, and the band gets a bit of a reputation, one which makes getting paid a hard feat to accomplish for Heathcliff (of Gotham Academy fame) who is I guess the manager/merch kid.

All is not well though, Dinah's bandmates are a little worried about the trouble that follows them, and the drummer, Lord Byron, can tell that there's some stuff in Dinah's past that she's not exactly forthcoming with, and is just concerned for all their safety, especially Ditto's, who seems to be a mute child by all intents and purposes. Nevertheless, Dinah still isn't that open about everything, to the point where before a show Heathcliff asks if she even likes what her life has become.

Then there are those creeps in suits who we saw in the 8 page preview, who infiltrate that night's show. When Dinah sees them in the crowd, it seems that the music, specifically that coming from Ditto, transforms them into skeletal looking demon creatures, and well... asses begin to be kicked.

The creatures/thing move in for an attack, which causes Dinah to stop the show and have the crowd evacuate. Fight, fight, fight, and ultimately Dinah has to use her canary cry to bring part of the roof down on the creatures. She demands to know what they're after, and it seems like Ditto is their target.

So the band is at a crossroads now that they know some monster type shit is after them/Ditto for whatever reason... Ultimately, despite Dinah suggesting they should go their separate ways and she can protect Ditto, Byron suggests they stay together, sensing Dinah has some experience in the subject and ultimately they're safer sticking with her.

So, they do... but where the band goes, the monsters follow.


The Opinion:

First thing's first, the whole twist with the people in suits is weird and unexpected, totally didn't see anything like that coming... thus why it was unexpected, I guess. Interested in seeing what the bigger deal is behind those people, because 15 pages in, and we've yet to see anything like that in Batgirl, which this book is *kinda* a sister-book too. Definitely the head-scratcher element of the book.

But in general, this book was awesome, it just made a really good/fun first impression. The standout here is Annie Wu's art, which I'm so glad to have on this particular title, because her energetic and expressive work is absolutely perfect for the character/tone this book is going for. After Wu made her big impact on Hawkeye, I totally expected her to probably end up at Image doing a creator owned book or something, but man, I'm real happy this book came to be.

Then we got the whole idea of Dinah being a rock star, which is weird, but really fun at the same time. I've been a fan of Black Canary for awhile, mostly stemming from Gail Simone's original Birds of Prey, so it's been a tough go of it post-New 52, as Birds never really hit... and all that Team 7 and husband bullshit... so considering how bad that is, even if you think the idea of her being a front woman for a band is dumb, let's put it this way... things could be a lot fucking worse, so give it a try, I promise you it's fun, and there's plenty of classic Dinah ass kicking to be had. 

So yeah, Black Canary #1 was great. You should try it! You'll probably like it. If you don't, then you probably don't like fun, why do you hate good things? Re-evaluate your life! COMICS!

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  1. Huh, I totally didn't realize that that's Heathcliff from Gotham Academy. How old is that kid?