Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #41

::Insert a lame joke about this being an awkward Thanksgiving dinner here:: I'm sorry. Not really.

The Spoilers:

Wouldn't you know it, hipsters are into forming cults surrounding dead apps or something... trying to summon their binary god. What happened to mustaches? Anyways, job for Batgirl and Frankie in her ear, who suggested a nickname for herself, but it's going to be teased for so long... we know the deal. ANYWAYS, uh-oh, other Batman. Not Batman. Gordon Batman. GorBat. He's there to arrest everybody, so Babs makes her escape.

The next day as Babs is telling Frankie about GorBat, Jim shows up on her door to take her out and talk. He eventually reveals that he's in the suit, and just as Babs is going to open up to him, he gives her the old "I wouldn't be able to keep secrets from you" line, which is a one way road to Guilt Trip City... Then of course he drops the bomb that he's been ordered to take in all the vigilantes. So that's awkward.

That night, turns out the pod those cult people were worshiping or something starts to spark, and uh-oh, Livewire shows up in Burnside, a little confused. When Babs suits up, she goes to confront the confused villain, but ends up reminding her of who she is (and probably the fact that she's evil, whoops!). But just as the party is about to get good, a giant spotlight shines down, Livewire bails and GorBat swoops in to arrest Batgirl.


The Thoughts:

Another fun issue, but I kind of felt like something was missing? After the opening arc of this run turning into something that had a larger plot going through seemingly unrelated stories, you didn't get much of a "there's something bigger" sense going on here. Maybe I'm just missing something, who knows. Not sure how I like the logic of Gordon being all cool with the vigilante population, then becoming a police sanctioned vigilante and going "Time to arrest all those people who helped me out personally throughout the years" no questions asked. I mean, I get it, but it just didn't rub me the right way.

Then there's the art, which maybe some people won't even notice, but there's been a lot of changes in the background (literally and figuratively). Cameron Stewart, who is busy with Fight Club 2, is no longer providing layouts for Babs Tarr, there's a new background assist artist and a different colorist on board as well. Lots of things have changed, and the book definitely looks different. Babs Tarr does a fine job on her own, her style still sells this book quite well, but some of the backgrounds look really detailed, some don't, and the different coloring style just puts the cherry on top of the "this looks different" sundae. Overall, after comparing this issue to #40, the art doesn't look as refined as it once did, but it still looks great, no question about that. Hopefully this new-ish team can find a good workflow or something and hit a stride. 

Artistic tweaks aside, this is still very much the same entertaining and fun book it was before Convergence, as with Grayson, I'm really glad it's back.


  1. There was something off about the art. With Tarr doing her own layouts, it seemed that the story flowed a lot better than before, as Stewarts layouts often seem constricting. But the art doesn't seem quite as tight as before. There were some odd proportions, and a fair share of "anime" faces.

  2. Babs anime faces had me laughing. lol I'm really happy this book is back!

  3. At HeroesCon this weekend Babs Tarr said she plans to put more manga/anime influence in the comic until DC tells her no. She said she was surprised that DC hasn't already asked her to remove anything.

  4. Stewart's layouts can be constricting, but are also super precise. But I've got no issues with going back and forth, letting her cut loose here, maybe him diving back in there.

    It did feel like you could tell that they rejiggered "Story # 2" a little to play with the Gordon Batman stuff so it's not as natural or energetic as maybe their original plan (they mentioned in an interview not being able to resist the angle). But it's not a dealbreaker. Get in the swing of the new status quo and get back to fun stories. Great art. Two animated series homage elements. Livewire looks great. Good comics.

  5. I was not a fan of the background assists - quite a few of the backgrounds looked odd. I really liked Stewart's layouts too but I see the wisdom in letting a phenomentally talented artist like Tarr cut loose. Seems appropriate to take the training wheeels off, so to speak.