Monday, June 29, 2015

Gotham Spoilers Predicts: DC in October 2015

Wrestling is on, and I'd rather not give it my full attention, because you know, it's totally dumb, so how about some blogging? SDCC is right around the corner, and for once, it's before October's solicitations are released, which means DC might actually have something to announce this year. We also know that something is coming from DC in October, so the forecast of announcements looks good. Safe bets are that Dark Universe and Mystic U will be released in October, but what about Gotham? Well that's what I'm here for! Time for some speculation!

So, if you haven't been with the site long, this is one of those posts where I predict announcements. Sometimes it's like shooting fish in the barrel, sometimes I'm just guessing what I'd really like to see happen despite knowing I'm not allowed to have too many nice things. Anyways, let's start off with the easy ones...

Batman Eternal Year Two

We straight up know this one is coming. Some writers have tried to remain coy about it, but Scott Snyder, when given the opportunity, has just flat out confirmed it's happening. Not a whole lot is known about it at the moment, other than it'll be shorter, and the characters who have been Robin will be a focus, so I'll bet that ranges anywhere from Dick Grayson to the We Are Robin crew. Though, the Robin stuff was mentioned quite awhile ago, so things could have changed between then and now. 

As for the creative team? Scott Snyder and James Tynion are pretty much a lock to plot it out again. I hope they've learned more about pacing a weekly series, because my struggle with Year One's pace is well documented. As for the other writers? A safe bet is we get a new group of writers. Peter Tomasi is my number one guess, seeing that he's confirmed something coming in October. Tomasi would also make sense if that Robin stuff still holds true. As for the other writers? That's a toss up. I'd like to see some new blood and unexpected voices be brought in, because despite the varying quality of Eternal, one of the better parts were the unique takes on the characters from writer to writer. That said... I'd still like to see Tim Seeley be part of the team, as his Eternal issues were my favorite. 

Also, chances are this is where Cassandra Cain comes back.

New Detective Comics Team

I've been speculating about this one for a while now, and after what I thought #41 to be another mediocre issue, I'm kind of flat out hoping for a new creative voice on this book. I'll admit that the lack of "it's the end of the run!" note in the solicitation text for September put a bit of doubt in my mind, but I'm still pretty confident a change is coming. Look at it this way, Manapul called his last cover a curtain call, hasn't shown any Batman related art on his instagram since, isn't drawing the title anymore, nor is he even taking part in the scripting. Manapul is the draw to this book at the moment. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I'm pretty convinced that people have been mistaking great art for a great overall book this whole time. Regardless, at the very least, Manapul is gone and that makes it seem like a change is coming. Hopefully it's a full change, rather than just having Buccellato write it solo, because I think the book is just flat out boring regardless.

What should DC turn this book into? God if I know. That's the hard thing about this book, it's natural position is to be completely secondary to Batman. I commend the current creative team for trying to do something different with the book focusing on Harvey Bullock a good deal of the time, but let's be honest, Harvey isn't a lead character. He's got no real defining qualities or traits that equal a compelling lead. He works as a supporting character, sure, but a star? Not at all. I'd just like to see someone go nuts with this title. Really make it something unique other than doing the "of course they'd go with that angle" sort of thing like it really focusing on the GCPD.

Okay, those were the safe bets, now let's go quickly though the things I'd really like to see DC do...
  • Birds of Prey: What are you waiting for DC? Birds of Prey has sucked big time for while now, but we've now got a slew of refreshed ladies both eligible and waiting in the wings. We've got new, well received takes on Batgirl and Black Canary, Spoiler is back in the picture, meanwhile Bluebird and Batwoman have no homes at the moment. 
  • Give Tim Seeley Another Book: I like Tim Seeley, he writes real entertaining stories and plays with fun elements of continuity really well. Grayson is great. How about more great books? I don't know, seems like a good idea to me.
  • Why do you hate Jason Todd, DC?: Red Hood sucks at the moment. Seriously. Jason Todd is just shitty. I've been saying this for god damn ever, DC needs to take Jason Todd away from Scott Lobdell, and give him back to the Bat office, where something entertaining and new can be done with him. This isn't going to happen because for some reason Red Hood/Arsenal was just launched to a mediocre at best reception. Jason's character needs to get back to his roots, give him a more of an edge and something new and interesting to do. I want a Grayson-level new direction for Jason, because right now his direction is literary equivalent of a big wet fart.
  • Remember Tim Drake?: I don't know... I figure DC should probably do something to make him relevant in Gotham again. He sort of is completely not a factor at all, and barely has been since The New 52 began. Again, this probably won't happen, because technically Tim has a solo title in Batman Beyond, but who the fuck are they trying to kid? 
  • Make Suicide Squad Good: Not really Batman related in anyway, but New Suicide Squad is kind of mediocre, but the property has been getting all sorts of attention lately. If I was DC I'd get an A-List tame to shape that thing up real quick before next year. 
And that's all I got for now. Eternal and Detective Comics are probably the two big locks. As for the rest, we'll probably get books that are way off base from those bullet points, if any. Should be an interesting SDCC.


  1. I still think they should've done a Red Robin/Bluebird ongoing to tie them into the larger Gotham universe.

  2. I would love to see Ron Marz on a Batwoman solo, but a Birds of Prey starring her would be amazing as well!