Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stack Rundown, 05/30/2015

Just think, next week I'll have new DC books to read that don't take place in Gotham, which is saying a lot because by the end of The New 52's run, the only book I had left on my pull list was Justice League.

Deadly Class #13

It’s gotten to the point where someone will look to have died in a Rick Remender book, and I don’t know wha to believe anymore… They COULD be dead, or they just could be in a bad spot for next issue. I don’t fucking know! So a character looks to have died at the end of this issue and I’m just sort of sitting here like… “So wait, what happened? Are they dead? Did they just get knocked out? I don’t know what the believe anymore!” and it wasn’t until I came across a recent interview put up after the issue’s release where I confirmed they are indeed dead. Huh. Well, ain’t that some shit? But honestly, that’s kind of good, right? Remender keeps me guessing with his work constantly, can’t say that about many writers.

Outcast #9

I really can’t tell you why I’m still reading this one… The story is just so incredibly slow paced. This didn’t even feel like  a new issue given how abruptly the last ended with people just looking at the main character while he was at a gas station. In fact, the issue starts immediately from that point for one page and the guy is just like “we should go.” First scene of the book. It just felt like they had a big issue that they cut in half in the middle of a scene. I mean… we learn these possessed people gain power from this dude or something but man… this should have been like issue #4, not #9.

Chew #49

Kind of hard to believe there’s only eleven issues left of this book. That’s less than a years worth of issues… What am I going to do without it?! I refuse to believe it’s ending. ANYWAYS. Another good issue, no shit, I’ve been reading this thing for 49, I tend to think they’re all good. I will say that I did like the fact that Poyo’s death actually had a purpose, and when it’s revealed that Tony knew he’d have to kill (and eat) Poyo, everything just sort of clicks into place with a big “oooooooooh” moment, as to why Tony’s been a bit mopey about knowing how to defeat the collector… Still hoping for one last sort of “Poyo in Hell” special.

Invincible #120

I’m going to admit something: I’m totally fucking tired of Thragg. He’s the one villain throughout this series that I’ve just started to detest based solely on the fact that he won’t fucking go away. He’s just not interesting compared to the shades of grey that were the Dino Mark worked with or Robot. He’s big and strong and wants to repopulate his race, so he gets bug ladies pregnant and builds an army of his children. Whoopee. He’s just boring, and he’s going to come back, make Mark’s life shitty for an arc, and I’ll just be groaning the whole time.

Suiciders #4

I’m finally at a crossroads with this series… My thoughts towards it up until this point can be summed up in one word: “And?” I get the premise, I get the characters, I get the basic mystery, but then I’m just sitting there going “annnnnnnd?” I’m wondering if there’s something more, I keep waiting for moment where it all sort of fits together into something bigger, but that just doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon. I’ve just determined that I have absolutely zero interest in any of these characters or their motivations, so I’m probably going to step back from reading the book, which is unfortunate, because I really love Lee Bermejo’s work. Oh well, win some/lose some.

Effigy #5

I continue to enjoy this series for how weird it is, and I’ll admit the last page of this issue throws some shit towards the fan, but I really need to pay attention more. Outside of the core three characters, I’m reading them talk about suspects and other people by name and I’m just realizing that I have no idea who any of them are. This always happens to me, I read a ton of books, my attention is pulled every way imaginable, and I start to miss details in certain books. BE BETTER AT READING COMPREHENSION, ME.


  • Constantine: The Hellblazer: Riley Rossmo is the perfect choice for this book. Story was pretty "boy, he's a dick" in an entertaining way. So with that and my love for Rossmo's art, I may check this one out.
  • Cyborg: I've really got no interest in reading Cyborg as a solo character. I'm sort of just wondering how this is the book Ivan Reis went to next... Cyborg is just sort of a B+ player... 
  • Earth 2: Society: I may actually try Earth 2 out again now that they're done with the weeklies and crossovers. It got too insane there, and was telling a really long, not that interesting story that was built off a better foundation which was strayed away from. Interested to see what a fresh start would include.
  • Justice League United: They're making this a Justice League Everybody book, which is exactly what it should have been from the start. The sci-fi JL Canada or whatever just never was that interesting (to me, at least) but literally throw whoever the fuck you want into the book? Now that's something I could read.
  • Sinestro: Straight up don't care.
  • Superman/Wonder Woman: Who wants to bet Supes is telling Diana he doesn't lover her anymore so he can save her from himself!? And did Superman lose his powers permanently or something? That's dumb.
  • The Flash: Interest in this book faded long ago, didn't pop back up with this one.

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  1. Earth 2 definitely has some potential. That's about the only one of those books I care about. I could see JLU maybe being interesting, mainly because of Travel Foreman. Why they would put Reis, basically DCs best artist, on as you rightly say, a "B+" character like Cyborg is beyond me. The only thing I can figure is that maybe they're trying to hype him up in advance of his solo movie and/or appearances in the Justice League movies. (Assuming those happen.) I guess another goal might be trying to raise the profile of a minority character, which I think is always good in lily-white comics. But I'm not sure that Cyborg the "superhero" is all that interesting. Hopefully the book will be good and prove me wrong. But even Reis' art is not enough to draw me in unless it ends up getting good reviews.