Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stack Rundown, 05/23/2015

Two! Only two books to read this week. I think that's by far the fewest comics I've had to read in any given week in a long, long time. Damn it Convergence and Secret Wars... you ruin everything. Well, not everything... but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be left reading only Howard the Duck and maybe whatever Rick Remender writes for Marvel, because other than that, I just don't see the point in investing the time in Marvel comics anymore. YOU HERE THERE MICKEY!?

Wytches #6

Well, this was certainly a fucked up conclusion to this arc. The whole idea of this series, outside of the horror elements, has been a story about a parent’s anxieties and fears about being just that, and this issue took those to a whole new level where no one can be trusted. Totally messed up, but really good. Wondering where this book goes from here. I guess the idea is to do separate stories in the various arcs, with certain connective ties between them, but with the themes so heavily present in this arc, I wonder if they’ll remain the same in the next. I think it sort of has to go in a different direction in order to avoid being repetitive, but we’ll see. 

The Fade Out #6

Being the second of two books I read this week, boy could this not be anymore different from Wytches. Thing is though, I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, because unlike Wytches, nothing bat shit crazy happened in this issue, but that’s okay. The drama just keeps unfolding at it’s own pace, and given the setting, it’s just generally pretty compelling. I like how Brubaker is approaching the same mystery from different sides with Charlie and Gil, then making a pretty good metaphor for both with their individual takes on alcohol and what it turns a man into, thought that was pretty good. Other than that, another good issue of a good series. There you go.

Those DC Things!

Honestly, I skimmed most of these this week, because the few that were left of the non Bat ones, I already knew I had zero interest in, but anyways, here we go:

  • Secret Six: Boy the fucked the release of this book, didn't they? They were supposed to get what like... four, five issues out before Convergence... and they got two. Hopefully the book gets its footing in June, because I want this to be good, but there just barely has been any of to it judge it on.
  • Batman/Superman: Good thing Batman is dead because I always thought Pak used him terribly in this book... When are they just going to cut the shit and admit that this book should just be called SUPERMAN/with a little Batman, maybe. I mean really, from the word "go" this book has been so heavily weighted towards Superman rather than being a solid balance between the two. Just admit it, call it something else, and stop lying. Also, fuck Lex Luthor's new costume, because fuck heroes wearing sunglasses as part of their costume, it always looks stupid.
  • Martian Manhunter: They did a real good job of being blunt as a hammer with this one. Remember that argument you always read about how Martian Manhunter is way more powerful than Superman? That's like half of this story. Whatever, I've got zero interest in the character.
  • New Suicide Squad: There was a time where Carlos D'anda was announced as the new artist of this series and I thought "okay, maybe." But turns out that was a lie and I'm back on the "nope" train. It's just generic looking and not very interesting. Why is it every time I pay half a second of attention towards this book, it's always a fucking Rocket Red they're fighting? Why isn't DC getting a Grade A creative team for this book when there's so much press surrounding the Suicide Squad lately? What happened to the team with Poison Ivy, Talon, Black Hand, etc? FIX THIS SHIT DC. Aside from Ales Kot's brief arc, this book has been nowhere near consistently "good" since the New 52's launch.


  1. I totally understand the confusion and ambivalence toward Secret Wars from "casual" Marvel readers (i.e., those who aren't reading every book that is at the core of the universe and are simply reading stuff by a particular writer and/or character that they like). I fall a little in between because I happen to like Hickman's stuff dating back before his Fantastic Four run from 2008 onward, but I understand why his work's not everyone's cup of tea. So Secret Wars, like Convergence, is gonna be a tough few months for people who just want their Spider-Man or Thor or X-Men or whatever, and I sympathize.

    As for the new DC books, man, a lot of them don't look great. Not being negative for negativity sake, I just don't think there's very much interesting. The "Batgirling" of the line might be happening, but the problem is that the creative teams are just lackluster. I'm sure there will be a hidden gem or two that will end up standing out, but as with most of these broad relaunches, it's always tough to know what will be good. Perfect example is Grayson, which FHIZ has rightly cited as possibly DC's best book. I was totally skeptical at the time, but now I love it. DC really needs to give Tim Seeley another title to write...

    This has been the biggest bummer two months of comics reading in years for me. So few books outside of Image and a handful of other indies and a handful of Marvel titles.

  2. I'd certainly fall in the camp that calls Grayson DC's best book. Better still because it's not mired in a character who has to Wolverine-like appear everywhere.

    I was thinking of Luthor's new "costume" and more today and have mused on whether or not there's ever been an era with as much "drift" away from the iconic looks. The Nineties of course, I meant besides that. Nope. It's pretty much The Nineties 2.0. This we knew already, but Jesus, they doubled down!

    So I've resolved to take a classic Garcia-Lopez JLA group shot and try to adapt it to the current costume choices. I'll try to get it done before next weekend. Essentially only Cyborg and Flash are repping vintage looks, and even those are pretty heavily "modernized". But seriously, not since the high-nineties extreme, before it tapered and got kinda good, have we had this much divergence from the base models. Electric new powerset Superman? Try Normcore reduced powerset Superman! Azrael-Batman in power armor? Try Gordo-Bats in double the power armor. Wonder Woman in biker bondage gear? Try Wonder Woman as a 90s Image character! Green Lantern not cool enough as Parallax? We'll make him into Gambit!

  3. So you are done with All New Hawkeye?