Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stack Rundown, 05/16/2015

As it still turns out, having a full time job during the week and then having to take care of a crazy puppy by yourself over the weekend, isn't all that helpful in terms of having time to read comics... as you may tell by me posting this sometime past 7pm here on the East coast... annnnnnnd the Witcher 3 comes out next week, so a general "god damn it" to everything.

Thor #8

So new Thor is Jane Foster and boy I couldn’t care less. I wanted it to be Roz, it isn’t, and now I’m not reading the book anymore. I have no desire to read the story of “I have cancer but I’m Thor, but I have cancer and it’s killing me” because I think we can all predict the beats that the story will pass. None of it interests me at all. I’m not mad, I just don’t care. The thing that does annoy me is what I’ve been saying from the beginning: I feel ripped off. Marvel going “Hey, read this book, despite you not knowing who the character you’re following actually is” for the better part of a year was a sketchy investment, and oh look, it didn’t pay off for me, and I feel like I just wasted my time. Then there’s Roz… who they even fuck with by having Thor go “It’s you Roz, isn’t it” then Roz shows up and you find out one of the more interesting characters with a good deal of potential has amounted to nothing but being a useless red herring. That sucks for Roz. I’d like to read a book starring her, but if she’s just a perpetual background character, then fuck that, what’s the point?

Silk #4

So I’m reading this and thinking “the stuff they’re doing with anxiety is interesting, but after a good stat, my interest is waining” and then as I sit down to write this post up, I see an announcement that this book (and Spider-Woman) will both be tying into Secret Wars… So fuck this book, then. Hey Marvel, you know all those unique feeling books that weren’t your standard generic super heroics with an equally generic look? The last thing you needed to do was tie them into this bullshit. PASS.

Howard the Duck #3

I’m pretty sure this is the only book I’m reading from Marvel that isn’t either ending or tying into Secret Wars, and even if it does go for the tie-in, I’d probably still read it, because it wouldn’t take any of it seriously… case in point: this book is almost entirely worth it for the Spider-Man jokes alone. Zdarsky just shits on Spider-Man seemingly every other page, and it’s god damn hilarious. I also like how despite Quinones never doing a full 20 pages, a good way to I guess keep him on schedule, is feature back ups with artists from Image books I like… Chew and Southern Bastards, but Howard the Duck? Yes please. I guess I should talk about specifics of this issue though… Old people are funny. 

Uncanny Avengers #4

What the fuck is this book anymore? It has damn near zero resemblance to the first volume, outside of the names on the cover. Like… what is even happening anymore?! This book went from Remender telling this big long formed story, to a botched event with Axis, to a book that just seems like busywork, intended to give the finger to Fox Studios, which still doesn’t stop them making X-Men movies. This shit is just so pointless now. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren’t mutants? Some dude just took them away, did some experiments and put them back? That’s fucking it. Who cares!? What does it fucking matter!? The pages that should have been the “big reveal” given this whole arc was based around this, were in the fucking preview that was released nearly a week prior to release! Man, what the fuck Marvel?

Rick and Morty #2

This book starts off with a grandfather soliciting his grandson to aliens for sex, in an attempt to get out of some legal charges… Yep, this book emulates the Rick and Morty formula pretty damn well, I’ll say that much. Just weird messed up shit happening at every turn. Kind of surprised that they took the serious turn as early as the conclusion of the second issue. I mean, we had to wait until the season finale to get the “Wubalubbadubdub” reveal, right? But here we are, page 15 or so, Rick being all selfless… and depressing. WUBALUBBADUBDUB.

C.O.W.L. #10

So, this book is ending next month, and that sucks. It’s been consistently one of my favorite series each month, and just as it’s getting really good, that’s it, no more, the end. Boooooo. I mean, shit is just starting to go bad, the strike is fucked, the mob boss wants blood, the Robin analogue has come back to town and is in full Batjerk mode, and everything is wrapping up next month? Boo I say! Boooooo! …Again! Well, if there is any consolation prize here, it’s that the team will have a new book eventually, so at the very least, I’ll most likely get to continue reading a book illustrated by Rod Reis, who is really the breakout star here. 

Saga #28

Okay, Saga’s been in full on bummer mode recently, with parents fighting, marriages breaking up, and so on… annnnnnnnd that’s still pretty much the case… Oh someone also sacrificed themselves, on DRUGS. I mean, oh well, Yuma… if it was between her and Ghus, I’m picking Yuma to be all noble and shit 10 out of 10 times. I mean, GHUS. He’s a little baby seal man with a fucking axe, and in this issue, he teased that he has a dark past! I WANT THIS SPIN OFF SERIES AND I WANTED IT YESTERDAY… Oh, I guess things are pretty fucked for Alana and Hazel too. I wonder if they’re going to do some stories where Alana loses Hazel and then everyone gets even more depressing? …probably!

Southern Cross #3

Despite my “I’m real tired of Sci-Fi” stance lately, I’m still sticking with this one for whatever reason. Going through this issue, I, not a huge fan of the Alien franchise, realized that I would probably get more out of this series if I was a fan of the Alien franchise. It just has that low-tech future sort of vibe to it, which is cool in a stylistic sense. But, all that being said, despite me being all “I guess I’m still reading this one?” this issue in particular did do a good deal to up the interest factor for me, revealing some mysteries and morally grey intentions behind them. It’s slow, but I’m coming around to this book in full, month by month.


Duders, this book has a really fucking cool look to it. The debut issue looked cool, but man, give Eric Canete an alcohol/drug fueled bar/dance scene to draw, and it fucking shines. Seriously, check it out. One of the better looking new books I’ve read all year. Still getting a heavy video game influence from the story/style/setting, and I am 100% okay with that, because the video games this book reminds me of were pretty cool. Unfortunately, like video games (a lot of times) the story itself seems pretty slim. Girl was trained by shadowy organization, escapes, shadowy organization wants her back, standard stuff. Nothing bad, but nothing out of the oridnary, so far at least, it IS only two issues in. But regardless, that style, though… Definitely earns a lot of points on it alone.

Black Science #14

Ah, after a disasapointing Uncanny Avengers, it’s good to get back to what Rick Remender does best… killing off characters. By alternate reality Grant’s wife… say hi to alternate reality Grant when you go into the multiverse afterlife… That’s some shit to explore. Say the afterlife is real, but it’s confined to a universe, so what if you die on another universe? I’m too sober for this type of talk! And it has nothing to do with this issue! So um… I’m surprised Pia made it out alive. Really. 


  • Justice League 3001: This is the one book I came away from going "I should read this." I read the first couple of JL3K issues, but fell off with whatever story they were telling. It was funny as shit though... Superman is an ass, Batman is a total dick, Wonder Woman is a barbarian... Funny stuff. But sometime between me dropping it and now, the writers were given the "do what the fuck ever" green light and have been running with it. Also, I enjoy Howard Porter's art these days way more than I did back in the JLA days.
  • Deathstroke: Dropped this book because the dumb violence wasn't enough to keep me reading, and a poorly written Harley is a no-no to me. Nothing changed.
  • Lobo: I'm surprised this book is still going, honestly.
  • Dr. Fate: This is a straight up answer to Ms. Marvel right? Goes far past the ethnicity to the art, set-up and supporting cast. Hell, they both have prefixes in the title as well. 
  • Bizarro: I enjoy a good Bizzaro interpreting people telling him that they hate him as love, but not enough to read a book.
  • Bat-Mite: I have a strict "I don't want to read Dan Jurgens written books because he's boring" policy, which will fit more with Batman Beyond (and whatever the fuck they did to that franchise) but here, I prefer my Bat-Mite super trippy, instead of full on cartoony.
  • Aquaman: I love Trevor McCarthy's art, but he's one of those guys that whenever he misses an issue, the person DC replaces him with is not up to snuff, so I'm cautious. I liked reading Aquaman, I may keep tabs on it when this new run starts.
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army: I'm super bummed that Jesus Saiz is drawing a book I have no interest in, that's all I got to say.
  • Action Comics: Every now and then I'll go "I'm going to try Superman books again" because of shit like Aaron Kuder's art... but I swear to god they've all been in one big crossover for the past two years, so I'll continue to pass.


  1. Uncanny Avengers is so disappointing now. Objectively it's good, but just good for a Remender comic is not good enough. The origin for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is dumb now and such a waste. Going from Uncanny X-Force and the first volume of Uncanny Avengers to Axis which was all over the place and now this? It's just disappointing.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree about superman and also feel the same about green lantern. I would love to pick up one book but the titles are in constant crossover and I refuse to buy 4 books to give 1 character a shot. That's why I loved superman unchained. A great self contained superman story with fantastic art. I am going to try the post convergence green lantern as it seems it won't be crossing over as much

  3. It still astonishes and pleases me to no end that after Porter lost the use of his right hand for drawing and taught himself to use his left hand, he's better than he ever was (and that's coming from a fan of his older stuff). One of the most positive comebacks in comics.

  4. Superman will probably be good after Convergence. Gene Luen Yang is magic.

    1. Agreed. I know some people are down on the *spoiler* secret identity reveal thing, but those people are probably the same ones who were mad that Lois and Clark got un-married, so oh well. Not going back, people. So anyway, here's hoping Gene Luen Yang can actually make it work. Not to mention, Pak & Kuder's Action Comics has been pretty solid, so I think both main Super-titles should be on solid footing in the first time in forever. (Didn't care for Johns' most recent story in Superman.)

    2. Do you have to read both action and superman or is action self contained? I honestly can not stand JR jr'

  5. I'm with FHIZ on the downward trajectory of Remender's Uncanny Avengers. It's really disappointing. AXIS was clearly the designated filler-event prior to the *real* event (Secret Wars) which is too bad because it really crapped on his Uncanny Avengers work. Marvel has a big problem in that if one has not been reading Hickman's Avengers (I've been in and out of the story for three years now) then you may just not be interested in or even understand what the hell Secret Wars is about (other than the obvious Battleworld thing). And Avengers and New Avengers have not been top-selling titles for the most part. Hickman's a little bit like Grant Morrison; his hardcore fans love him, but his stuff is so insular and self-referential or "meta" that it can be confusing and off-putting for casual readers or those who just haven't kept up with his story. I do wonder what the future holds for Uncanny Avengers and Remender post-Secret Wars. Mark Waid seems to be up to bat on the main Avengers title post-Secret Wars, so, uh... I dunno. Oh well, at least Remender is still kicking ass with his indie stuff.