Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stack Rundown, 05/09/2015

Turns out having a new full-time job isn't the best for reading comics. Read basically everything either last night or this morning, which worked fine for five books, but when it gets to one of those weeks where I've got a lot to read, I don't knoooooow.

Also, I guess I'll give my quick thoughts on each of those DC previews that were released.

Spider-Gwen #4

So this issue… Just one of those person talks to someone who should make them feel real guilty, but instead sort of gives them confidence and isn’t all that angry. Basically, Gwen talks to May Parker, and because she was somewhat responsible for Peter’s death in this universe, Gwen feels really guilty… But no! It was heartwarming and all that… Unfortunately, I believe this is the part where the series goes on break for Secret Wars, and there was no real indication of what’s next, other than not Punisher policeman is mad, but that’s nothing new. OR NOT. Because I just looked it up and #5 comes out on June 10th. Never mind! I’ll save my “god damn it, Secret Wars” angst for next month!

Spider-Woman #7

More spiders! More lady parts! Though the story of these D-list villains and them getting blackmailed may not be all that interesting to me, the places this issue goes definitely caught my attention in a good way… Basically I’m talking about how there really is no criminal overlord or anything blackmailing anyone, it’s just the wives and ex’s of these villains doing the blackmailing from their own Pleasantville-like utopia, free of men and villains. Has that creepy cultish vibe to it, which I thought was entertaining… Then it takes a weird turn and one of the ladies (who discovers Spider-Woman) is in an Alien mech suit or something and… fiiiiight? Weird. Weird, weird, weird, book. 

The Wicked + The Divine #10

This was similar to issue #3, in a “what the fuck is anyone even talking about?” sort of way? If you’ll remember my thoughts on #3 (you won’t, but whatever), I kind of just flat out hated that issue, because they had these characters just acting theatrical, talking in circles, not really saying anything, and pretty much just up their own asses. This issue feature the same characters, plus some more, but wasn’t nearly as bad. There are just still parts where people are just saying stuff and it doesn’t really amount to much and blah. At least there was a good deal of info about who killed Lucifer, but even then, I’m kind of left wondering if they just flat out explained that it really wasn’t that big a deal (or revelation, at least) and swept it under the rug. I don’t know. I like this book, I came around on it shortly after that issue I hated, but I guess every now and then there’s going to be one of those issues.

Nailbiter #12

Hey look, I said something was going to be up with that Priest, and I guess I was right, and now he’s leading a religious fanatic group! Yay! I still say that fool has killed someone in his day. But you know what’s really annoyed me lately about this book? I feel like these last two issues have promised answers, but neither of them really gave any. Sure, they’re moving towards answers, MAYBE, but more has been promised than what has been delivered, and boo on that. And it's one of those issues where even the main character is like "look motherfucker, just give me the answers" and the other one is "Nah, you got to wait," so there's some meta shit between me and this particular issue going on which is that much more frustrating, because it's clear that the book is aware it's taking its damn sweet time.

Descender #3

So I dropped this book after last issue was just more “going for the feels” or whatever the fuck people are saying, because so much of Lemire’s work is cut from that same mold and I’m tired of it. Buuuuuut I really like Dustin Nguyen’s art so there was that bugging me about my decision. So in between issue #2 and #3’s release, I got a full time job, so I’m sitting here thinking “Hey now, I’m making money consistently, fuck this poor people noise, I’m RIIIIIIIIICH BIIIIIIITCH” (not really, but I can spare $3) and decided to pick this one up. Turns out weird Robot purgatory is an interesting enough idea for me to jump on board again. WHO’D A THUNK?

So now we go on to those DC previews! Already wrote up Detective Comics, so obviously not going to say anything here about it. Anyways, here are my quick thoughts:
  • Doomed: Can anyone explain to me the audience for this book? I'm all for new characters and all, but immediately getting books like this? It already seems like full on "who gives a fuck" territory? I mean... No one ever thought "Give Scott Lobdell a random ass book based on the crossover he was dropped from." I don't know, I feel like this is a Hawk and Dove of this new DC line, AKA, it'll be gone in 8 issues.
  • Green Arrow: I might pick this book back up, especially if it leans back towards the stuff Jeff Lemire was doing, add in Zircher's art, and you've got an appealing book to me. This preview though, didn't seem like it was really worth a whole lot in terms of story. Just sort of random. We'll see. I wasn't impressed with Ben Percy's Detective Comics issues, but those were just filler, so maybe I'll like him more when he's actually in charge of a book's story.
  • Midnighter: I'm planning on picking this one up simply because of the possibility it could play with a couple of the Grayson elements that were established with the character. Unfortunately, this issue didn't seem to use any of those elements... but it did take place in Boston, so, points for that.
  • Green Lantern: I've given up on Green Lantern, turns out I was reading that entirely for Geoff Johns. This new direction doesn't do much for me especially since I've got no idea why. Maybe there should be a crossover that requires me to read a bunch of other books that I don't normally read to explain it all!
  • Omega Men: I wasn't planning on reading this book, but then it debuted with a really no holds barred sort of attitude and it caught my attention. Seems like DC is really getting behind hyping it too. Tom King brought an interesting mindset to Grayson, so I figure I should at least try this one out too.
  • Prez: I am far from this book's target audience. I don't really have any thoughts on it. Just didn't care.
  • Red Hood/Arsenal: There was a point where despite my "I'm not reading anything Lobdell" writes mindset, I thought about just giving this book a try anyways, especially because I like the artist... But then I read it, didn't give two shits about the story and the art was completely disappointing. Look up the artists Rockabilly Batman stuff, then look at the interior art. WHAT HAPPENED!? Also, Jason's new costume? Fucking garbage. Seriously. What the fuck is that? 
  • Starfire: Given my like for Harley Quinn, I was going to pick this up regardless, and I still plan to. I really love Emanuela Lupacchino's art, so now I've got an excuse to buy something she draws. I will say though, like Harley there were a couple pages here where there's just way too much dialogue. You turn the page and the first thing you notice is "that's a lot of speech bubbles" instead of the art. And it's not like we're getting into deep theories and shit here. I just think the dialogue needs to be scaled back, because I feel like the same things can be said with a lot less effort.
  • Section Eight: Had no idea what this was before, still sort of don't. I feel like this is for previous fans, which is fine, but I'm not one of them.
SO THERE WE GO. That's the end. See you next week.


  1. Section Eight is from Hitman. It's well, well worth seeking out the trade paperback collections; once that series hit its stride, which was fairly quick, it's easily one of the best series DC put out in the 90's. It did strike me as odd that we're suddenly getting a spin-off of one of the things from that series, but I guess Convergence bringing old continuities back into the Multiverse caused DC to get a case of the fuck it's. I'm not complaining.

    But yeah, Hitman. Great stuff. The Demon issues that kind of introduced him are kind of wonky, but unnecessary. Knowing where Tommy got his power doesn't really add or detract from things. I'd just stick with the ongoing, though those Demon issues are included in the first trade.

  2. Dude, FHIZ, I'm right there with ya on Descender. Lemire has a schtick, albeit one he's very good at. But that can get tiresome after a while, so... Anyway, I agree that Nguyen's art is a huge draw. I think it works very well with the story Lemire's telling. And the concept has a lot of appeal. $3 is more than a fair price on an indy book with creators of their pedigree. I'd rather read it than a lot of other dreck that costs $3.50-4.99.

    I'm still blown away at how badly DC is whiffing on Green Arrow since Lemire and Sorrentino's departure from the book. I mean, it's not like you have a hit show on television or anything...

    I'm intrigued by Omega Men, but will wait for reviews. I'll be interested to hear yours. Hopefully that's not too much pressure...