Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stack Rundown, 05/02/2015

Free Comic Book Day? Psh. Why go wait in line for free stuff when you can sit at your computer and read what I thought about books I read... FOR FREE. Every day is FCBD here! Sorta-ish-not-really.

The Multiversity #2

Well that was some shit, wasn’t it? Just all out insanity for Grant Morrison’s last foreseeable monthly work for DC, very fitting to say the least. I mean, what am I supposed to really say here? Go into detail about who intricacies about the issue I really liked… how it made me feel? Yeah, no… It was batshit insane, a lot of it probably went over my head, but regardless of that fact, the insanity is why I love it. Some big ass Multiverse threat that isn’t the Anti-Monitor? Well, that’s cool… too bad no one is ever going to do anything with it, and if they do, they won’t be Grant Morrison and it won’t be as cool. What I find kind of odd about this whole project is the lack of Earth-0 characters, you know, the regular DCU. It was probably due to editorial being like “use anyone else, make up whoever you want,” but it’s just strange that the whole Multiverse is teaming up… EXCEPT the versions of the heroes we’re all familiar with. It’s like the Multiverse has this big awesome club that everyone’s invited to… except Earth-0, because fuck those guys.

Justice League #40

I’ve been saying Convergence is pointless since whenever we learned what it was going to be. Based on some of the reaction, seems I was right, but whatever, I’m just someone on the internet… But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you take the Anti-Monitor and Metron’s word for it. Those two basically sit there going “Brainiac is over there doing something, but it’s pointless and he’ll accomplish nothing.” Now, I realize I use a lot of hyperbole, but the the great part is, I’m barely blowing that out of context. They straight up BURY Convergence, which I found hilarious… Johns also sorta buries himself saying that DC has rebooted itself too many times… with 1/2 the examples being Johns written projects, but oh well, HAHA, CONVERGENCE. As for the Darkseid War? I don’t know, it was a cool set up I guess? I’m looking forward to an event being presented within its own book rather than a bloated mini-series.

Silk #3

Well, I’ll say the scene with Silk leveling with the guy she’s fighting, then later seeing his sob story was actually true was probably one of my favorite scenes of the week. It just felt real… In the world of overblown plots, heroes and villains, it’s nice just to see some genuine empathy, person to person, in these types of books. That was honestly my biggest take away from the book… Black Cat is going after Silk, okay… The Fantastic Four? Aren’t they supposed to be erased or something? Whatever. So without a whole lot left to talk about, I think I’ll just point out how much I like Stacey Lee’s art. Babs Tarr has gotten a lot of attention for her work on Batgirl, and deservedly so, but Lee’s work is right up there providing really great looking, stylized and expressive art. All for variation from your standard super hero looking art.

All-New Captain America #6

So… this book is over, I guess? SECRET WARS! God damn it you event with almost no info for anyone who doesn’t read Avengers as to what the fuck is going on with the books they do read… GO AWAY. I guess this sort of gets followed up in Remender’s Hydra series? But I’m left trying to figure out what the fuck that actually is… like is it some Multiverse shit like the rest of Secret Wars? Or are they just putting the “Secret Wars” name on it, just because? Thanks Marvel. Whatever… So Captain America saves the day despite the loss of his man juice… then he lets a lady who is probably working for someone else inject him with a mysterious syringe… I’m not going to feel that sorry for him if that back fries. Ian is dead!? No wait, there’s that Secret Wars mini… But for the love of god, how many times has Ian’s fate been left to “Oh god he’s dea—no, wait, he’s over there?” This is what… the third or fourth time? Enough is enough.

Invincible #119

Look, I know this book shifts directions all the time, but I’d just like to point out how fucking gorey and violent this book can be… but now it’s all about sick babies and foods fucking with their system being digested via their mother’s breast milk. COMICS! I mean, hey… Invincible certainly is wildly different than any other “similar” book I’m reading right now, that’s for damn sure, and that’s why it has worked for nearly 120 issues, because there’s just so much variation from arc to arc… But then it seems the punching will come back next month, so who’s up for bets on what will go horribly wrong? Because everything is just going too well, and this is Invincible, where horrible things have to happen all the time! What limbs is Mark going to lose?! Who is going to die!? It’s got to happen! Honestly, I don’t think this is a possibility, but I was just sort of day dreaming about how fucking crazy would it be if a book like this just killed it’s main character out of nowhere. No hype. No special issue. Just boom… random issue #122, main character is dead, moving on. Just really fuck with people… That’d be great just for the reaction.

Pisces #1

I feel like every week I’ve been mentioning about how outside of a few core books, I’m real burnt out on new Image sci-fi books, because there are so many… case in point. Regardless of me knowing better, I’m obviously a big fan of Kurtis Wiebe’s Rat Queens, so I figured I’d give his new book a shot, and sure enough, the same thing happened and it just didn’t do anything for me. I have no real opinion on the actual quality, because I just don’t have any real opinion. It’s not that the book did anything wrong to get me invested, it’s just that I don’t care about new sci-fi books at the moment. All me. If you’re interested though, former Vietnam War pilot, has some training with NASA, some crazy space shit happens. Reminds me of Nameless in a way, as the first issue is a bit “out there,” but it isn’t full on Morrison crazy “out there.” But yeah, just not for me.

Red One #2

This book is ridiculous, and I love it for that fact. Sexy Russian spy becomes hero in America in order to take out ultra-conservative groups in order to make America more friendly towards ideas of homosexuality and liberalism… That last bit sounds okay, I mean, cool, acceptance! …But when the ulterior motives behind Russia wanting America to be more accepting towards stuff like that, it’s because they want to turn the America into weak tree huggers who can’t fight back…. So, progress is progress, maybe? But anyways, the book is just ridiculous and I love it. Hollywood… spies… porn… so dumb, but so good. Only thing that sucks is the “european style” publication. Only two issues this year, two or three next year… That said, they were both oversized issues, so there’s that… but it just sucks knowing there’s not going to be anymore until this time next year, probably… Also, anyone find it weird that the Russian spy who is supposed to be an American hero is using a sickle an hammer as her weapons? Not exactly blending in.

Outcast #9

Still reading this book, still going “I like it, but boy I don’t have much to say about it.” I kind of find it funny how this issue played out… A priest gets a young man to run around town touching people for him. Without any context as to why that’s happening, that’s pretty suspect sounding, no? But to be fair, he touches people so they can determine if there’s a demon in them… so boo, no horrible fun to be had at that. Joking aside, this was one of those issues that had an ending which left me thinking “am I missing some pages or something?” It’s happened before, especially with digital releases… but no… Just ends on the guy at a gas station, some people look at him, then he looks at his hands, and that’s the end. No words. No nothing… Weird.

Sunstone Vol. 2

Note, I've yet to complete this, but it came out this week and I'm reading it so it's worth mentioning. Here's the thing... I think the comics world can be a bit prudish. Sex used to be really taboo in mainstream comics, mostly in North America, because it's a continent basically founded by prudes, and hell, sex is still demonized by a good deal of people. But, that being said, times have been changing, depictions of sex (specifically, women) have gone from pervy objectification to something more human, and we're starting to see more and more books deal with sex opening, and that's fucking great by me... Then Sunstone comes along and goes "Hahaha! How about some latex and ball-gags?" and puts any other book opening talking about sex to shame. On the surface for anyone who doesn't know, I'm sure this can come off as something aimed towards horny boys looking for easy wank material, I mean... it's two attractive young women having kinky sex every other page. But once you get past the sex and nudity, just accepting it as something that comes with the story, you get to the meat of the story which is about two people, their relationship, their wants/needs, their pasts, and all the other stuff that literally everyone in a relationship deals with, and that's what's important. If sex is going to be depicted so openly, in order for it to be done well, the content is going to need to back it up. Books like Saga and Sex Criminals both back up their portrayals of sex with deep characterization which puts everything into context, and Sunstone is right up there, taking things a step further and not only treating sex like it's normal (which it fucking is), but treating alternative forms of sex that are seen as "kinky" or "taboo" like normal, and realistically humanizing those who participate in it, rather than other recent depictions of similar subject. And now that I've gotten all the talking out of the way... I'll pretty much read anything illustrated by Sejic, so there's that too.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who picked up on Anti-Monitor shitting on Brainiac's Convergence plan in Justice League #40. I'm sure the editors/writers working on Convergence appreciated the Chief Creative Officer undermining and decimating everything they're working on. Oh well, at least he admits it.

    1. Convergence was always filler. Using freelancers and second/third tier creative artists to provide two months of filler while DC moves to California. I accepted it when I learned all the ongoing would be put on hold. This will give them all lead time, especially with all the drastic changes.

  2. In terms of Red One, how I understood it, was that Russia is doing a kind of "killing them with kindness" sort of thing, where they want to have America join into Communism by having them idolize this Soviet hero fighting for the Liberals. My understanding was they weren't trying to hide Rex One's connections with the USSR, they just want to hide "Alabama's" connections. At least that's how I understood it.

  3. I really enjoyed Red One as well. Not sure how the "album" idea will hold up. The text piece in #2 compared it to TV seasons, but even with a cable season you usually get 12-13 installments - big difference between that and two issues, esp. when those two issues don't tell a complete story. Lovely lovely art though - I wish there was more of it but what there was was highly enjoyable.