Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Detective Comics Set For a New Creative Team?

Oh, hey guys, remember me? I'm FHIZ, I run a Batman site, and sometimes I post about professional wrestling and suck-ass Krillin (fuck you, you piece of no-nose shit). June is coming and Convergence is ending, so I guess that means I'm back to doing this. So, HOT SCOOP FOR YOU!


Is Detective Comics set for a new creative team as early as October? I tend to figure shit out through various Twitter postings and what not, so let's see if I can do it again. Fitting that we're talking about Detective Comics.

EXHIBIT A: Detective Comics #41 (slated for release in two weeks) was solicited with Francis Manapul illustrating the title, since then, #42 and #43 have been solicited with Fernando Blanco, who is in fact not Francis Manapul. This sort of stuff usually happens when an artist moves on to something else.

EXHIBIT B: Just minutes ago, Francis Manapul posted to his Instagram a WIP shot of a Detective Comics cover (he hasn't posted interiors in a long time) with the caption "Curtain call," a term that is used to signify the end of something.

EXHIBIT C: I could have used this one in A as an exhibit inside an exhibit, but more points makes me seem more legit, so C it is! Comixology's pre-order page for #41 now shows Fernando Blanco as the illustrator of the issue in question. Now, let's not take that as the word of god, because Comixology can (and has) gotten that section mixed up from time to time, but if it's changed ahead of release, I'm betting it's true. We'll see tomorrow (probably) when the lettered cover goes up on the pre-order page.

EXHIBIT D: If the current creative team's final issue is in September, that would mean the new team's first would be in October, the same month Mystic U got pushed back to, and I'm willing to bet that's when Dark Universe will launch as well... So maybe it's safe to assume DC's doing their "second wave" of DC You or whatever the not-New 52 is called. It's also worth nothing that Peter Tomasi has said that one of his two unannounced projects would be launching in October as well. Not saying I think he's the next Tec writer (probably Batman Eternal 2) but it lends credibility to October being a thing for DC and new stuff.

So that's it. Not giving my opinion or anything, just the observations. Do what you will with these. DETECTIVE FHIZ OUT!

When not reached out to, DC Comics refused to comment. Their silence speaks volumes in my imagination!

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