Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coming in June: We Are Robin

So, of all the books coming in June, this one had a pretty big question mark looming over it, so hopefully this story provides some answers, or at least the beginning of some answers.

The Spoilers:

With Batman "dead," Gotham is somewhat empty, and its youth has taken it upon themselves to protect it, creating a network amongst themselves alerting each other to crimes, while they dawn the R symbol, and take matters into their own hands... an idea that I'm sure won't totally blow up in their faces at some point. Regardless, like you'd expect, these teens text each other, but there seems to be one entity in charge of everything, or at least behind the movement, who is known as "The Nest." So perhaps that'll be a mystery, who knows!

The Thoughts:

This series has the potential to be really cool, and I hope it lives up to that potential, because I don't know... I like good things? What I felt this story was missing was some actual character aspect. We don't really get introduced to anyone, let alone see their faces that much. Sure, there's two kids from that Detective Comics: Endgame issue, but they're not exactly "well established" coming into this. Surprised that Duke didn't seem to be anywhere in this issue, but I guess that's what #1 is for?

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  1. I wonder if Damian will have any sort of reaction to this at all. Maybe he'll guest star at some point?