Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coming in June: Robin: Son of Batman

Damian went from a cow, dog and cat as his animal pals, to a giant were-bat beast who goes through Man-Bat ninjas like they're kibble. Upgrade?

The Spoilers:

Damian is off in the himalayans, visiting a monk. Who's the monk? We don't know, but Damian does, though the monk doesn't know him... but he knows his sins! Or something like that. Seems like Damian has a connection to the people in that area which we're not privy to yet, but regardless, Damian is trying to make up for his past by returning some scrolls. Then he's attacked by Man-Bats! After getting outnumbered, Damian summons his big ol' friend Goliath to fuck them all up, which he does. Off in the distance is newly solicited Nobody II, stalking Damian, calling out his heritage (specifically that of the al'Ghuls) and mentioning something about the "Year of Blood."


The Thoughts:

So, I'm super critical of anything Damian related,t his shouldn't come as a surprise. In short, I thought this was interesting and has potential, but I'm still very cautious about it, simply because the character is my favorite, and I've been waiting a long time for his solo. Not much in way of what's actually going on is explained, but you can assume whatever is happening has something to do with Damian's past on the other side of his family... speaking of family, seems like Nobody has some, with Nobody II, which is equal parts a stupid name as it is genius. In terms of how Damian is written, I sort of had a hard time grasping what Gleason's voice was for him. He had that sort of snobby well spoken vibe to him, but I sort of felt the flow of dialogue was off at some points... Though, it was a fight scene and I did read this pretty much immediately after I woke up, so I'm not exactly at my most alert and attentive state. It's an interesting start, I've said that much... I'm definitely willing to give it a shot and hope it all works out, because you know... Damian is sort of the best.

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  1. Holy Shit! 8 pages and already he writes Damian better than Tomasi! Damian hasn't been written this well since Morrison (haven't read BQM BATGIRL, so I can't comment on that one). Was already on board for this, but it makes me extremely happy to know Damian is in very good hands.

    1. I found Tomasi's Damian way more palatable than Morrison's. He humanized him better. Morrison's Damian is just Jason Todd 2.0.

    2. Tomasi's Damian was okay, but for the most part he completely misses the character's voice most of the time. Gleason's Damian already has that "I'm better than everyone and I'm gonna let you know it" attitude that Morrison's Damian had (Morrison's Damian is the way the character is supposed to be written).