Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coming in June: Grayson

Spyral has a new boss and Grayson's got a new partner... and poor Hal Jordan.

The Spoilers:

Sort of an average day for Spyral. Helena is the new boss, and she's guiding Grayson and his new partner, Agent 1 aka The Tiger on a mission to rescue a kidnapped kid on a plane. Dick spots the kid near the bathroom, asking about his Batman shirt, and agrees that Batman is pretty cool. Then he and Tiger cause a commotion, Tiger pulling that "I'm not a terrorist because I'm brown and on a plane" card, which causes Dick to "stumble," open the hatch, and have him and the kid fall out, where Helena drops in and gives them a parachute. Turns out the kid was "the Lantern's" nephew, aka Howard Jordan, who likes Batman more than Green Lantern, WOMP WOMP.


The Thoughts:

The story itself seemed sort of a like a generic Spyral mission that just sets up the status quo of Helena being in charge and Tiger is Dick's new partner. I don't know how I feel about that. Sure, Tiger was cool and all, but an absolute huge draw for me was Dick and Helena out in the field together. Sure, they could still be, but not in the same way as they were before. Those two and their relationship's growth was one of the most compelling parts of the series, and I'm just somewhat concerned of how the power shift will change that. I hope it continues in a meaningful way, and I mean, it probably will, since this book has been consistently one of DC's best (if not the best)... but I don't know, I just thought Dick and Helena as partners was perfect to begin with and had endless amounts of potential.

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  1. This book looks so on point. "You're an idiot, Dick Grayson" is the best new catchphrase of 2015! Fuuuuuck, is it June yet?