Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coming in June: Gotham by Midnight

What's coming in June from Gotham by Midnight? Well, by the looks of this story, pretty much more of the same, this time with added GorBat.

The Spoilers:

Because Gotham can never catch a break, some more shit is going down. This time, a fresh crime scene looks like there was an explosion, but there's no actual evidence of there actually being one, yet plenty of bodies. When one of the cops investigating gets close to a body, some energy comes out of it and some spooky stuff later, I guess Gotham has a zombie problem or something?

So Batman (GorBat) goes to Jim Corrigan and basically gives him the "This is your field of expertise talk" but Corrigan is all "I don't knooooooow, things got pretty bad last time..." But, because this book has to continue, of course he says yes, and gathers whats left of his team to go confront the threat.


The Thoughts:

I've been on the fence with this book through its initial run. If you remember most of my thoughts on the first arc, it was me criticizing it for really not establishing why this has to be set in Gotham outside of the obvious name recognition. But then, at the last minute, the Miagani connection barely gets established and I decide to stick with it past Convergence, while it is still on the edge of my pull. SO, did this offering do much to make me feel confident in sticking around?

Not really...ish.

The story here just doesn't offer up much of a tease other than "ZAMBIES?" and I'm once again nervous that we're in for another story that could end up doing nothing to establish it's connection to Gotham until the very last moment. I mean, Kate Spencer is joining the book, where's she? She's a character who could help avoid that feeling of this book just going "C'mon guy, I'm totally relevant to Gotham, see? It's in the title, that's totally something, right?" 

But there's another subject of discussion, and that's new artist Juan Ferreyra, who despite being very different from Ben Templesmith, fits right in with the tone of the book. Where Templesmith brought a creepy horrific look to the title, Ferreya's artwork (and colors) brings a look that I can only describe as sort of a gothic fairytale sort of look. My favorite element here is actually the colors, which give off a real eerie vibe. So while the story in this eight pages isn't much, the art is quite a standout element.

But yeah, Gotham by Midnight, bring the actual Gotham, not just random supernatural stuff that takes place in Gotham just because. 

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