Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coming in June: Batgirl

Batgirl shows us why we should be worried about the Oculus Rift.

The Spoilers:

So, sort of cold open here, as we're right in the middle of Batgirl making her way through some weird video game hell, being tormented by two dudes known as Player 1 and Player 2. Turns out they can make video games real, and they're holding the CEO of the game company (that others wanted out) hostage. With the help of her brain, Frankie and the not-quite Konami code, Babs finds a way to win, and beat the bad guys with a Donkey Kong style hammer. Surprise! But there's more to come! GorBat! Livewire! Velvet Tiger!

The Thoughts:

This sort of felt like a really quick one and done, not quite sure if we'll be seeing the Player 1 & 2 guys anytime soon, but nevertheless, it was pretty fun. Visually, this story looked great, given the weird virtual reality setting and the fact that Babs Tarr colored the art herself this time, keeping with the video game aesthetic. So yeah, it was fun, doesn't really give an idea of what's to come in terms of the next arc (at least, I don't think it does?) but whatever, Batgirl is great, and you should be reading it.

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  1. Pearl and Garnet from Steven Universe made a cameo in the back of the cafe chatting! Lol!!!