Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stack Rundown, 04/25/2015

Just think, next week I'll have an actual book to write about Wednesday (and a good one, might I add)  and then we'll be just one month out of regular comics from DC again and I won't have to do... whatever it is that I am currently doing with this website. There will also be those weekly 8 page previews to talk about, there's that to look forward to as well. But hooray for regularity returning soon...ish!

Deadly Class #12

Deadly Class is back and right off the bat, Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge produce one of their most visually stunning issues on the series yet. Right from the start, it’s nothing but action, action, action. People’s heads getting blown off, motorcycle/bicycle chases, grenades, bus crashes, so much shit goes down in this issue, and somehow Remender found the time to further develop Marcus and Maria’s character, explaining Marcus’ mentality when he was cheating. Then of course, because this is a Rick Remender book, it ends in a totally “well, shit!” sort of way, Maria being abducted, Marcus thrown off the golden gate bridge… Remember when we all thought this book was going to be about Assassins Hogwarts? Yeah… how naive we were.

Kaptara #1

I’ve come to realize that outside of Nameless, I don’t think there’s been a new Image #1 this year that has really wowed me so far, and it’s kind of depressing. So here we have Chip Zdarsky’s first creator owned series as a writer, and we’ve got this guy who has nothing left to live for on earth get stranded on an alien planet where he can be whatever he wants, and finds a new life. Okay, sure, whatever… But this was just another one of those books where I came away seeing the appeal, but it really did nothing to wow me or really make me want to come back for that second issue. I’m going to guess this is also due to the fact that it’s yet another Sci-Fi adventure book from Image, who are quite frankly overloaded with those types of books lately, so mentally this might just have a hard time standing out for me. But in the end, this was one of those titles I had no real plans to try coming into the week, said “fuck it” and tried anyways, but came away back where I started being rather indifferent towards it.

Chew #48

Chew is still doing what Chew does, and since we’re only 12 issues away from the conclusion, it’s still in the “everyone is in bad ass mode, but hold on one second, Tony’s daughter has to make him feel bad about being a shitty father first.” Okay, the last bit is pretty character specific, but everyone else is in total bad ass mode, I mean, one guy is half robot horse now! …This is a weird book. But honestly, what is there left to say? Chew is Chew, it’s a long continuing story that’s at the 48th issue… it’s funny, entertaining, and everything you’d generally expect from Chew… Can’t think of anything new to say.

Velvet #10

The time between issues sure didn’t help me when it came to reading the new issue this week. So Velvet’s betrayed and on the run at the start of this issue, I remember that, but then she starts talking about the information she had learned from the guy who betrayed her and I’m just sitting here drawing a blank. It was one of those moments where I had to go back and remind myself of what happened last issue, not out of my own curiosity, but because I just couldn’t remember what the hell was going on. It’s just a general problem with a big story like this that has a very controlled and tight lipped pacing when it comes to reveals, but that pacing is exacerbated by there being 11 weeks between issues. I read a lot, so if something isn’t coming out regularly, there’s a good chance I might allow a few titles to get lost in the mental shuffle. I’m almost thinking it might be worth it just to trade wait this now, because I enjoy the book immensely, but I’m clearly able to retain its content on the “it’ll be done when it’s done” release schedule. 

Effigy #4

I could say a few things about this issue ranging from how it portrays the recent upswing in talk about sexist internet assholes or the blatant scientology comparisons, but I’m going to start off saying how much I specifically appreciate the second page of this issue. Why the second page? Well, when I’m not doing this, I work in video editing, and here we have a page with a video editor, frustrated with his client who wants things out of the video he’s presenting that plain do not exist or cannot with the lack of footage. It was cathartic just to see something so accurately portrayed. So, to hell with you womernz! Video editors need solid representation in comics now! Because that’s a totally viable and not at all sarcastically put forward market to sell things to! In other news, I’m really starting to come around to this series as things get weirder and weirder. Glad I stuck it out.

Suiciders #3

I wonder if anyone has gotten mad at this book for its offing of women lately. First a lady gets her throat slit, then another lady who sees said lady (sans intact throat) gets her head blasted by a bullet. I don’t know, it’s an under the radar book, but I feel like someone’s got to be mad about that? I mean, I’m not particularly outraged or anything, but even I’m just sort of sitting her like “…this is kind of off-putting, right?” Anyways, the problem I’m facing with this book at the moment is there’s a big sense of “so what?” What’s the catch here? You got this new Los Angeles city where some corrupt company has some mysterious guy with a dark past fighting in some blood sport, then there’s a guy outside the wall whose an immigrant and is working as an enforcer or something.  It’s just three issues in and I don’t really have a sense of the larger story, if there is one. Figure I’ll stick around to see what a full trade of this would be and if there’s no real hook by then, I guess I’ll pass.

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