Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stack Rundown, 04/18/2015

Something, something, no DC books to read, something, something still a couple other books to read, something, something Convergence is dumb. Gimme back my real comics!

Thor #7

I talked about this one on Twitter as it’s come to seem pretty obvious that the new Thor is none other than Roz Solomon, who was my early guess, because why create her in the first volume then just throw her away? Seems silly. Anyways, there are still a bunch of people who are going “that’s too obvious! It’s totally going to be X who hasn’t been seen, heard from or even referenced in this book!” Fine, whatever, let people think what they want to think, but I get real annoyed by comic fans who think everything HAS to be complicated because it’s comics. But you have to consider that if at this point, it’s anyone BUT Roz, it’s shitty storytelling. No one else is really a feasible option at this point, no one else has had any build to them, no one else has even ben a character in this book. The only other barely credible option is Jane, but I have a hard time believing the woman who is dying of cancer and refuses to be treated with Asgardian magic would then turn around and go “yeah, but I’m okay being Thor though." If next month Thor takes off the helmet and goes “IT’S ME! This character no one expected because they weren’t given any reason to do so!” then fuck that, I’m out… Then again, I have no fucking clue how or when this book is continuing past Thor #8. Thanks, Secret Wars, you dick.

American Vampire: Second Cycle #7

Man, what happened to this book? It comes out once in a blue moon now. Sure, there was some gap with the prose issue, then they wanted to release the trade before they start up again, so they release a new issue, and then there’s another gap, Albuquerque’s got a new series at Dark Horse which has released 3 issues in the span of this recent gap… This book used to be so consistent! I don’t know. Some shit’s going down with Skinner though, as he’s been infected by the big bad guy. Wondering if it’s even possible for him to come back now, or if they’re going for a big shake up pretty early in this second series. We’ll see. Hopefully there’s not another two or so month gap between issues again, because boy has the momentum faded with the release schedule, let alone the large gap between Vol. 1 and 2.

Revival #29

Holy shit stains, Batman. This was one of those issues where EVERYTHING CHANGES. But for real. Because people blow up thanks to undead terrorism, others get shot, others get beaten to death. PEOPLE DIE. Crazy issue for long time readers of the series, that’s for sure. Looking at the future in the solicits, it seems that with the incident in this issue, the public opinion towards Revivers is going to sour (even more) and martial law or something will go into effect. A outcast group put into camps? There’s an allegory somewhere in there! Was a bit disappointed to see some fill-in pages. Reading Norton’s twitter the past month revealed some personal stuff going on with him, which may have contributed to the art, but with a book so long running, I wouldn’t mind it being pushed back to maintain the consistency. Maybe they had to get it out for their business model or something, I don’t know. Whatever. Not a big deal. To #30 we go!

The Fade Out #5

I want to say this is another series that sort of fell off the face of the earth a bit, but it was a trade release gap, so may have been regular length there, but it felt like there hadn’t been a new issue of this book in a long time. Anyways, so some Hollywood politics go down, and it seems like the black listed writer Gil, is going to be a much larger character than his drunk ass would have made you think earlier in the series… Larger in the last page thought revelation of how he wants to take the studio down… or Hollywood in general, I don’t know. God speed Gil, it should make for an interesting read, at the very least!


This was one of those “why not?” reads for me. Saw this book originally in the promo material for the last Image Expo and thought it had a cool look to it, but I didn’t really pay attention to what it was about, so I came into reading the full issue not really knowing much… I actually kind of liked it though. It’s a story about a futuristic society that has walled itself off from the outside world as well as walled its citizens in, and the main character Rain wants to get out. It’s basically a video game plot. Stylistically and thematically, it really reminded me of games like Mirrors Edge and Remember Me, which is a solid building point in my book, because those two games have a really cool style to them. I’ll be interested to see if the story does something more than just the protagonist fighting her way out of the perceived futuristic utopia with a darker side below the surface. It’s only an 8 issue series, so I think I’m on board. 


  1. I'm right in the same boat as you. I'm not reading Convergence and I'm missing my Batman and DCU proper. I've still got my indies and a few Marvel titles, but this two-month hiatus while DC travels by wagon-train from New York to L.A. just sucks.

  2. What happened to you reading walking dead??

    1. I feel like I randomly tweeted that I might start reading it like well over a year ago, haha. Safe to say, never did.

  3. Sorry for the American Vampire. It was my second favorite comic next to Batman. I hoped after the hiatus, it gets back to normal, with spin of minis like Survival of the Fittest, but instead we get one issue in two or three months. I hope it will change soon...

  4. American Vampire fell off so hard I don't even care about it anymore. This book lost so much momentum it's crazy. I didn't even know this book was out.

    I need my Batman back hurry up and get here June. It's really boring when you only read 4 Image titles and no Marvel.