Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stack Rundown, 04/11/2015

So, fun fact, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that my last tweets consisted of me of "exposing" the illuminati influence in the comics industry, with my last tweet finding the illuminati symbol in my own logo and proclaiming no one was safe. For a chunk of time, I was going planning on not tweeting at all from that point on until June when DC books come back, just to see if anyone got the joke... but then this post, and solicit posts, and then Batman in April, all those posts, they make auto tweets so, I guess the joke wouldn't be possible in all honesty, unless I just wanted to go cold turkey on the site. OH WELL.

Before we get to this week's books, I'll leave you with the number one thing I wanted to tweet in my two day illuminati absence: ARE WE REALLY GOING TO FREAK OUT OVER EVERY PICTURE OF JARED LETO? I mean, fuck off, it's just Jared Leto. Yeah, he's playing the Joker, we get it. Unless he's in full makeup, there's nothing to talk about. OOOOH he took a picture like the Killing Joke, it's almost as if he's going to play the Joker in a fucking movie. If the casting wasn't confirmed, then fine, speculate. But every new picture every week is just god damn Jared Leto.

Pretty sure that's not 140 characters, but whatever.


Howard the Duck #2

I’m just going to skip all the way to the end to say that the last page spread of Aunt May sticking up Howard with a gun might be the funniest thing I’ve read all year so far. I mean… it’s so dumb, but so good! Ending aside, I liked the issue as a whole, but the cynicism inside of me came out for a bit. “Hey remember that movie where Howard showed up in the end? WELL THAT.” Blah blah, Guardians of the Galaxy, blah blah Collector, yeah, I get it, there was a movie, I saw it, you saw it, we all saw it. Still, there were some funny gags here and there, but still. I did appreciate the element towards the end where it was clear that there’s something going on with Howard and he’s not just a crotchety old man… who is a duck.

All-New Hawkeye #2

I don’t know what it is about me and reading Lemire books lately, but I’m kind of over it. Everything’s just so friggen serious all the time and here’s it’s just “Hawkeye had a rough childhood, and now there are these kids that Hydra did some shit too, and it’s deep man.” A majority of it seems to be set with Clint’s childhood and I’ve got to say, with the amount of stuff I’ve read, I really don’t give a shit about another superhero’s rough childhood, because spoilers, they all had shitty childhoods, it’s tiresome to read. You can tell this book is trying to maintain some of that “Hey kids, it’s Hawkeye! What a goof, right?!” feeling from the previous volume (still not complete, fyi) but it’s just masked in angst and I honestly don’t know if I’m going to continue.

Spider-Woman #6

Okay, dumb nitpick time… I’m like 95% fine with Spider-Woman’s new costume. What’s that other 5%? Those stupid sunglasses. I don’t know what it is, but I HATE sunglasses being part of a hero’s costume. Look at Hawkeye every time someone draws him with Sunglasses, he looks like a total asshole. FACT. Lose ‘em Jess. Stop listening to your ex-boyfriend… Sunglasses are dumb costume elements. ANYWAYS. So this book is weird, right? Not in an off-putting sense, but a “are all these villains Spider-Woman is helping actually real characters?” cus I mean, wow… talk about some D-listers. DC’s got them too, but just wow. Also, does everyone live in the same building in New York now? From what I can tell, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and Howard the Duck all operate out of the same building. What am I even talking about anymore? This book is fun. I don’t know.

Descender #2

Remember when I was going on about not really enjoying Lemire’s work recently for it being so serious and not that fun at all… Well, that, again, even more so. This isn’t a knock on quality, it’s just me not caring about all of this. I mean, it’s a good book for what it is, but I think I realized that I just don’t care. Sipped the kool-aid a bit for the first issue, loved Dustin Nguyen’s art, but this time around… don’t care. Honestly, I think I would be more interested if this wasn’t trying to pull the heart strings with the little kid aspect. Going “feel bad for this little boy robot because his human family is dead” doesn’t do it for me, especially after last month when I realized just how many stories Lemire has gut that focus on kids. It’s just an angle that I’m not buying into. 

Rat Queens #10

After long, long last, the second arc of Rat Queens is finally complete… and I kind of what Sejic to go back and redraw 6-8 just for the sake of consistency! I mean, he draws like 15 things in a given month, WHY NOT?! But for real, I’m still so glad he’s the new artist on this book, one of my favorites. I wish he had the time to go really all out on his art these days, but when you’re drawing four books (that I can think of) I guess some concessions have to be made. But for real, go look up some of his Witchblade stuff, downright gorgeous. So, bad stuff got stopped, good guys win, sort of a reset for the next arc, which seems to be Hannah focused, which is fine by me, because she’s my favorite due to her passion for swearing. Fuckity fuck fucking fuck. YEP. Seems like she’s got some Hellboy-like demon shit going on, which would explain all those times she goes black-eye HAM on people. Looking forward to finding out more about that.

Southern Cross #2

This is just one of those books where I go in thinking “I don’t know, am I interested in reading this?” I’m not a big sci-fi guy where the premise of a story is usually enough to get me (usually dependent on creators for me) so I’m just sort of sitting here looking at the books I’m going to buy and ask myself “really?” Then I do, and go “I’ll read the next issue too.” But I’m sure I’ll go right back to “Really?” the week of #3’s release. I don’t know, the mystery of what’s going on in the ship and how people are being used for a power source (I guess) is pretty interesting and ends on hooks good enough to get me to come back next month. The one problem I really had with this issue was it just seemed repetitive. The main character goes up to someone, gives them a bit of rough and tumble attitude, then ends up asking if they know anything. Goes up to someone else, attitude, “know anything?” and over and over again. She just goes from hot to cold with every character she seemingly interacts with and it just makes for some weird interactions. Whatever, not a big deal… Like I said, I’ll probably be around next month too, hopefully it does something by the end of the opening arc to really convince me not to question why I’m reading it every month.

Nameless #3

So, what the fuck? So, we’re half way through the series (I think it’s still considered a six issue series?) and things just went from creepy to fucking nightmare. HEY YO, do you like maggots, severed heads, castrated penises, and spiked anal probes? HAVE I GOT A LAST PAGE FOR YOU. Hold on, I’m going to check if they sell this on iOS… Haha, YEP. Yet, they won’t sell Sex Criminals on that platform. So, just if we’re keeping score, some Crossed-level shit is okay for Apple to sell, but glowing boners ain’t. But anyways, I’ve got no fucking clue what to expect from this book now. I’m sure it’s going to be fucked up beyond belief, trippy and weird, but how it presents all that, no clue. Compared to Happy, which I thought was pretty straight forward for Morrison, this is the kind of bat-shit insanity I was expecting from him at Image, and getting Chris Burnham to draw it is like peanut butter and jelly… with castrated dick on the side.

The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

So, this is what, the 13th issue in the Luther Strode series, and I’m just now coming to realize that I’m reading an anime. Average kid, gets powers, everything turns hyper-violent, dynamic/fluid art, there’s romantic interest with no powers but helps out with a big gun, this shit is so anime! Not that it’s a bad thing, but I kind of want to go back and look to see if there are any interviews with Justin Jordan or Tradd Moore about what inspired this book, because if anime is not anywhere in that equation, then that’s some serious coincidence right there. Anyways, I guess this is the last Luther Strode focused story, and with how it started off with Samson and Delilah, let’s assume that Luther dies and Petra is in some way related to why… Spoilers?

Saga #27

I’ve found myself honestly avoiding Saga when it comes out, in regards to what I read first. Used to be top of the pile, but now, who knows when. Why is that? Well, it’s not due to a dip in quality, but more a I don’t want to get totally fucking bummed out because I know some shit is coming sort of feeling. From the very beginning, this whole arc has been “You know Alana and Marko, yeah, their relationship is fucked,” and I get a more modern take on telling a story about parents today is it about them being separated, but man… still depressing. This issue is pretty Marko focused, revealing a lot of stuff from his past in terms of violence and women, which explains why he was freaking out earlier, but I wonder if this back story could have helped if it came before? I mean, not that I’m rationalizing, but Marko was acting like he punched his wife in the face when in reality, he threw a paper bag with like some bread and lettuce in it at her, and I was just left wondering if the reaction was a bit overblown on both parties. Regardless, MAN SAGA IS A BUMMER THESE DAYS. But it’s still good… a good bummer.


  1. Goddammit, Ghus is adorable. I want a stuffed Ghus in those pajamas.

    1. If it comes with a stuffed battle axe, count me in.

  2. I thought people were freaking out about Jared Leto's photo because they're being whiny babies about The Killing Joke recently.