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Stack Rundown, 04/04/2015

Whoa, I still talk about comics? What am I, A NERD!? I thought comics were dead! Fine, I guess I still got to do this post, just this one last time, then afterwards, it's all not totally dumb stuff, like professional wrestling! Maybe.

Avengers: Rage of Ultron

My actual pull list might have been a little low this week, but this was like reading five or six individual issues since it’s a GRAPHIC NOVEL, oooooooh. So, in case you haven’t heard, Ultron has a movie coming out next month, so hey, let’s put out a new Ultron story… about the guy who actually created him and is not Tony Stark. Reminder and Opena put off their inevitable Image collaboration to bring us a story that asks the question “do robots have souls?” and in true bleak-ass-Remender fashion, Hank Pym is like “fuck that, no, I’m going to turn them off now” while Vision is all “BWUUUAAAH” Hank Hill style. Despite the familiar premise, it’s actually a very good read, definitely if you’re a Rick Remender fan like myself, and Jerome Opena’s art is on point. The only thing that’s a drawback about this OGN is the fact that there is what is essentially some fill-in art throughout. Yeah, okay, deadlines, made more clear by the impending movie, but it’s a standalone offering, not a monthly series, having anyone else on art, no matter how well their style meshes with Opena, was a bummer.

Uncanny Avengers #3

I’m in a really weird place with this book. Remender’s big story seemed to have wrapped up in Axis and ever since, this new volume of Uncanny Avengers just seems like it’s either setting up a new big story or it’s just sot of dicking around, because why do anything crazy when Secret Wars is going to do god knows what to it? I guess the whole point of this arc is to answer the question what are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, if not Magneto’s children, but the book is just going a real roundabout way of telling it. Not even sure where or why all the other characters are involved. So far it just doesn’t feel like an Uncanny Avengers book in the way I learned just what that was last volume. It’s just a weird book, that’s all I can really say. I’m going to keep reading it because of Remender, but I just hope it sort of shapes up sooner than later.

Spider-Gwen #3

Spider-Gwen! Spider-Gwen! Fucking up like Spider-Gwen can! I don’t even know if that’s how the song goes, that’s how casual I am, but damn she done fucked up this issue. How many people know her secret now? Three? Or they at least know that it’s some blonde girl under the mask? That was the thing I wasn’t clear about, whether or not Vulture or Not-Punisher actually realized it was Gwen Stacy and not just some random girl. The thing that really made me question that was Frank seeing her and just going “you’re just a girl?!” and not “you’re that guy who I work with’s daughter!?” I don’t know, I guess we’ll see next issue, but it’s cool that the book is making the stakes so high this early, I mean, the first arc isn’t even finished yet and things are almost completely FUBAR’d. Entertainment!

Nailbiter #11

Ah, the old “you want to learn everything, welllllll, read the next issue then!” trick. The oldest trick in the book, next to this oldest idiom there besides it. That said, besides a quick “god damn it” at the end, I am really looking forward to next month’s issue, because hell, I just like when books actually answer things and reward their readers, instead of delaying and dicking around doing a whole lot of nothing. Sure, there’s a chance that next issue won’t provide ALL the answers, but any sure do help. I feel like people are sort of afraid of giving answers in their books until the end, just because they always hinge on them, and once the answers are out there, what else is there left to do? I appreciate a book that can seamlessly provide answers to questions posed early on, then shift and start something new built off of them, so hopefully that’s what we get in this series… Just basically “here’s why this town makes serial killers, and now here’s what we’re going to do moving forward.” Some stuff in here sure did make it seem that way, with he FBI agent who got captured sort of hinting that there was a global threat of sorts… Next month!

Black Science #13

Ah, I’m not done with my depressing Rick Remender material this week! How’s about an ending where a mother and quite possibly her daughter die a fiery death!? Reading some reaction to the issue, it seems that many people don’t grasp that Pia may have died too. Notice how the last panel has the outside of the room light up due to another blast of fire? Yeah. The intro to the letters page talking about death and how fucked up it’s supposed to be certainly makes it seem that way… But yeah, totally fucking depressing. Going to be interesting to see the reaction to it, and I kind of hope they don’t take the easy “alternate dimensions” route out again, because if we’re going to use death in such a grim way, may as well make full use of it. But that said, boy the cast sure is dwindling, and they’re talking about having this sucker outlined until issue #50? They’ve probably got to bring someone in at some point, who knows.

Southern Bastards #8

So just as you start to think “maybe I sympathize with the antagonist” a bit, he does some shit to make you go “oh, that’s why he’s the antagonist and a complete amoral fuckhead” so much so, that his blind mentor goes off and shoots himself because he created a god damn monster. Oh? and now the military daughter of the guy he killed four issues back is coming home, so of course shit is going to hit the fan. I’m actually really excited for the next arc now, because despite liking this Coach Boss origin story, the fact is, they took what… half a year with the trade release break off from the present day story after leaving on a pretty big cliffhanger? Yeah, I’ll take the craziness that comes with that, thank you very much. 

Rick and Morty #1

I love me some Rick and Morty, but I’m always hesitant towards licensed comics because I don’t know… they usually just don’t feel right to me and there’s often trouble translating one property into comics, especially when you’re dealing with comedy. Hesitation being noted, it turns out I didn’t have much to worry about with this series, because damn did they nail it. A big part of why they nailed it with this adaptation of the cartoon is the voice, not only do they nail each character and their reactions to one another, but the way they speak is 100% accurate, from Morty saying “ah geez, Rick” to Rick’s sort of stutter mixed in with his random belches, that are written right into the dialogue. It was just a really fun first issue and I can’t wait to read more, especially during the long wait between seasons of the show. My only hesitation now is sort of wondering whether or not it would have been a better idea to do one and done stories as apposed to actual arcs the series seems to be leaning towards. Regardless, I’m sure the end product will be great either way.

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