Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SPOILERS: Arkham Manor: Endgame #1

So that twist at the end certainly... well, it happened?

The Spoilers:

Short end of it is this: Endgame times, right? Afterwards, an Arkham staffer with a checkered is giving a statement to Bullock at the GCPD about what happened at the manor when the Joker apparently showed up and started leading a riot. He and a number of the regular villains who weren't effected by the toxin fight back, and at what seems to be the end of the road, they find out that it wasn't the Joker in the Manor, it was Jeremiah Arkham, dressed up as the Joker.


The Opinion:

Well, okay then? That certainly had no lead up or build... I mean, every now and then DC pulls that card where "The guy who runs the Asylum is also crazy!' but man, some foreplay would be nice. So, Jeremiah Arkham is all crazy now, I guess... The end.

So yeah, as you may figure, I don't think all that highly of this issue, totally skippable.

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  1. How many times has the "twist" of Jermeiah Arkham being crazy and/or "going bad" been done? Immediately pre-New 52, Tony Daniel had that story arc where he was the new Black Mask, then there was the near-contemporaneous story by David Hine where he was also posing as the Joker and terrorizing inmates. So, yeah. Basically a played out premise. Zzzzzz...