Friday, March 6, 2015

Want the Endgame Finale? I've got some bad news...

Ah, there was absolutely zero chance I'd pass up using a pro-wrestling reference for this post. Speaking of which, how fucking entertaining has R-Truth been leading up to this IC title match at Wrestlemania? I mean, c'mon now. It's just unfortunate how much BNB has been shit on since winning the belt back, because he's pretty damn fucking good. I mean... losing clean to Sin Cara? What the fuck?


Endgame finale. Expecting it at the end of this month? WELL I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS. CUE THE MUSIC!

Wait... I already covered that, didn't I? Well, anyways... Yeah, no, you're going to have to wait until April #29th. Snyder had actually mentioned this in a tweet last month but I wasn't sure if he had his dates mixed up or something, but it's true. Fact is, this is another "Greg Capullo draws well over 20 pages" issue, mixed with the fact that it's also some sort of Free Comic Book Day tie-in promotion, given that this book, Justice League, and Superman are all delayed to that Wednesday prior to FCBD, where DC's FCBD offering features new stories from each title. I guess DC must have figured it was a good way to get people into the stores prior to FCBD? Because I know I pretty much wrote all things DC off for the months of April and May.


Oh yeah Multiversity #2 is delayed to that week as well.

I'll see myself out.

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  1. R-Truth always had it in him to be entertaining, we just see it so rarely. WWE's usually pretty content to have him do his Whats Up rap and basically take up space. But occasionally we get these periods where the guy can actually hold attention and amuse.

    The big "holy crap, I... I'm enjoying an R Truth segment" moment for me was his heel turn back in 2011. There was a magical period for most of that year where he was arguably the most entertaining character on the roster in a year where Punk blew up (though he burned bright and fast) and Mark Henry finally started wrecking everyone on the way to a world title. Truth, meanwhile, was acting like a complete nutjob, ranting about invisible children, his fear of ladders - which has been, shockingly, referenced recently in an out of nowhere bit of continuity WWE usually forgets - and how when he grabbed the MitB briefcase there better not be any spiders in there.

    Sadly, it didn't make it out of 2011; Awesome Truth killed it, as he basically toned it down as part of a team, started making more sense and turned into a weird face version of the crazy gimmick right after.

    RIP, 2011 R Truth.