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Stack Rundown, 03/28/2015

Well, I totally forgot to write anything for this post until about 20 minutes ago, so apologies for the minor delay, but if you're reading this anytime past oh let's say 10-11am EST, then fuck it, what am I apologizing to you for? Not like you were on time anyways, so SHAME ON YOU.

The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1

So, this is the issue that is “cursed” which has been appearing in all the other issues of this series… So that means it’s super meta and has the protagonist, for real named “Ultra Comics” talking to you the whole issue. But who is you? You is him! You is Ultra Comics, he is you… and so on. MAN, is it pretty damn confusing on that initial read. Just Morrison going full on Morrison with everything, and I like it? But I’m also SUPER confused by it? What else is new? All I know is that I sort of get whats going on in this series, but I’ve given up on really sitting down and figuring everything out until I get the trade collection in front of me so I can really dig in. So right now I’m basically saying out loud “Yeah, sure, great, that’s awesome” then mouthing to the person next to me “what the fuck is happening?"

Suiciders #2

More like Grittyciders, right?! Because this book is super gritty? …shut up. This was one of those issues where the book basically goes “HEY! There’s a mystery! Why else would we have to slash the pretty reporter’s throat after she got too close to something which is probably involved in the mystery I just mentioned okay bye!” That’s basically the second issue in a nutshell, along with the second new character who is an outsider that’s gonna fight, hence the big robotic boxing gloves or whatever. I’m still feeling this book out, as with any new title that is good, but not immediately “Holy shit” good (again, opinion based). Right now I’m just fine reading  monthly with Lee Bermejo’s art and the generally interesting world he’s built is an extra bonus, which has potential to turn into a real draw a couple more issues in.

Effigy #3

This is just one of those series that I like, but I’m not sure I like enough to stick with it the long haul, so I go into a new issue a bit weary, and come out with just enough to go “okay, I’ll stick around next month.” And repeat. I think a lot of it has to do with me not being super huge on the art, but I think I’ve said that before, so there’s not much new to say about that, just a preference thing. That said, the story does keep getting a bit weirder and deeper with all this post-fame stuff involving the main character Chondra. I mean… Former child star decides to be a low on the totem pole cop, mummified fangirl turns up, undercover at convention, tape worms, internet trolls, cults, weirdness… There’s a lot of odd shit going on in the book, that’s safe to say. Maybe when the first arc wraps up it’ll all hit with a bigger picture thing that keeps me invested long term, so I figure I’ll stick around until at least then, I’m a fan of Tim Seeley’s work so I owe the title an honest shot at the very least.

Chew #47

MASON BE SCHEMING AGAIN. So, while of course we’ve got the dramatic cliffhanger of Mason kidnapping Tony’s daughter and wife, I’d like to speak about something else that has come to this series recently… or at least reemerged… Fucking D-Bear. He’s awesome. Even Tony goes “Damn D-Bear, you’re pretty awesome.” (Paraphrasing) Dude was just a minor character in the years prior to this arc, and now he’s just Tony’s partner and kicking all sorts of ass. You go D-Bear. Back to the Cliffhanger, I can’t see anything worse happening to Olive and something terrible happening to Amelia would seem in bad taste… But apparently “terrible things” is the name of the game in regards to this series from here until the conclusion in #60, sooooooooo, let’s hope not, at the very least.

Wytches #5

Guess what? I’m going to talk about the colorist’s splatter effect again… Why? Because it’s just become that distracting to me, and it’s a problem. It’s so fucking hard to tell what’s going on in this book if a page is dark to begin with, because on top of that we have all this dulled neon splatter which clashes with the dark back and muddies up a page instead of enhancing it. On pages that are lighter in general, it’s still there a lot, but it’s over all fine, but all the pages in this issue with Charlie in the Wytches’ hive? FUCK that. I want to see what’s going on, I want to see these horrific creatures that are being illustrated, but the splatter effect is getting in the way so much. Yes, I’m pretty much devoting the entire paragraph to this otherwise great issue, because while the issue was great and had some awesome moments in it, the fact of the matter was I kept getting distracted every time I turned a page and really had to try to figure out what the hell I was looking at instead of just going “Oh, okay, I can see that clearly.” I hope the style changes with the next arc and they’re just sticking with this for visual continuity’s sake. (It should be mentioned the panel I used was one of the easier to decipher pages from that setting).

The Wicked + The Divine #9

I believe we’ve got all the gods in order now? Except for Lucifer who is dead, but maybe her powers on in Laura, or something? Decent issue, not generally my favorite, but I’ve been really enjoying this book a lot more in this second arc, so I mean, whatever, a “low” issue is still a good one to me. Big part of this issue was that Cassandra, the skeptic was actually the last god in hibernation so to speak. She’s Urdr… Who is Urdr? I don’t fucking no, a viking god, I think? Maybe if I read up on some of these beings who I’m unfamiliar with and what they’re about, I’d understand the book a greater level, so maybe I’ll do that soon, or maybe I won’t, who fucking knows? Regardless, we’ve got the potential for some god on god action in the murdering sense, so that could be… dramatic. 

Invincible #118

So, I guess Invincible is just going to be a sort of slice of life super hero book now? Another direction shift which are pretty common… until someone needs their ass beat and the blood and guts start flowing. UNTIL THEN, we got Mark’s brother and his bug creature girlfriend coming over for dinner, stinky diapers and explosive diarrhea. That’s basically what this issue is! And it’s kind of weird! …then of course it gets into serious Invincible drama when the light-hearted pooping ends and the book shifts to “I was raped and now my baby isn’t breathing.” That was a “REALLY!?” moment for me. Like on top of Mark confessing he was raped, we get the “baby not breathing” ending, as if the book wasn’t dramatic enough. I mean, I know Terra isn’t going to die, I’d like to think Robert Kirkman isn’t that big of a monster, but just DAMN. Nothing is off limits apparently… Also, I hope Cliff Rathburn comes back to inks, I think he give the book a smoother look.

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