Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stack Rundown, 03/21/2015

Minimal week this time around, but good news everybody, I'm now also writing my opinion on movie scripts I read during the week! Ooooh, cynicism, you're my best friend.

Silk #2

Last week I mentioned I pretty much was reading every Spider lady book, yet had dropped Spider-Man. Reason? Because Spider-Man has so much baggage and I just don’t care, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman and Silk are all fresh and fun series. Silk was the one I jumped on board latest, but it’s right up there and might actually be my favorite. I read up to the first half of that Spider-Verse crossover, so I got all of Silk’s origin (as told in Spider-Man) and while I didn’t find myself thinking “I like her enough to read a whole book about her!” I still liked her… and now there is a book, and the art looks really good, so why the hell not? It’s fun. Has quite a decent story going with the mystery of Silk’s past and what happened when she was in isolation, who’s watching her now, and all that. On top of everything else, she’s just a really good character to root for. There’s no immediate likability issues, a good amount of empathy towards her and her loneliness is established well, and there’s more. So, if you’re like me, and just want to read something new and different, then just say screw it and do what I did, give this book a shot, turned out pretty well for me.

All-New Captain America #5

This issue was Rick Remender as shiiiiiit. So, a few issues ago, Ian Rogers gets his throat slit right? Totally dead and shit. So much so, I’m sitting here thinking “man, they really haven’t addressed that have they? Kind of weird!” But you know why? Because he’s not dead! Remendered! But before that, remember how Cap got impaled with a sword last issue? PSH, whatevs, he’s fine! Remendered! But oooooh, let’s not stop there… While Sam and Ian stopped the main plot that Hydra had, they had a plan B, with some vampire, and just when everyone is supposedly safe, the vampire kills Sam’s favorite bird! THE BIRD. Rick Remender kills again, and this time it’s a fucking bird! Remendered! I love this.

Red One #1

Tell me Terry Dodson is drawing a book with pretty ladies in it, and I’ll throw three dollars at whoever I need to in order to get it. While I support a lot of steps forward the comic industry has taken, doesn’t change the fact that I’m a fan of cheesecake when done well, and Terry Dodson is a favorite of mine. But enough about the art, so we’ve got a 1970s spy thriller, where the USSR sends their best (and beautiful) agent to the US to become a vigilante hero, and promote a more liberal sensibility basically to make the country a bunch of wusses. It’s a really cool take on the spy thriller, because you can have all those types of books you want, but not many (if any that I can currently think of) have that unique element of the hero aspect. That said, bummer there are only two issues now… It’s being translated from a French publication (of which, they didn’t change the text bubbles, so the lettering looks like manga scanlations at some points, with as many words as possible crammed into a too small bubble) and there’s only two issues worth out there. I guess Dodson is going back to work on it following Princess Leia and a vacation, but given how far out the release schedule is going to be, I find it hard to justify buying it upon release, especially when the digital price will drop soon after. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ll at least get the second issue.

Chrononauts #1

So, I don’t really read Mark Millar books, because they’re all basically glorified movie pitches… I mean, whatever, not hating, get paid and all that, but something just rubs me the wrong way about the comics basically launching as dedicated movie pitches rather than gathering buzz organically and then getting optioned. But, that said, I like me some Sean Murphy, so I picked this one up. The story? Eh. Honestly, it felt like the early part of a movie… I don’t know if that’s the cynicism talking, or just how it is, but it just felt like a summer action time travel movie… THEN OH WAIT, UNIVERSAL IS MAKING A MOVIE BASED ON THE COMIC… and get this… That deal apparently took place in August… I don’t even believe any of this was drawn, let alone announced… Then there was Murphy on Twitter promoting the pages on sale and possibly being a good investment now that there’s a movie coming, and everything about the situation just felt scummy to me. Again, make your money, I don’t care… but I’m just going to pass, because I’d rather read stuff that is dedicated to the comics themselves first.

C.O.W.L. #9

Man, this book still is damn pretty. Best part about the issue? Radia's fight with Doppler, the sound villain. Did quite a bit of fourth-ish wall breaking with Doppler using the sound effects to literally hit Radia with. Just fantastic looking book all around. Story’s getting quite good as well… though, it already was, but now it’s better. We got Warner having the Mayor bent over a barrel, and letting the city go to shit (by his own design) while he waits, then we got Radia tired of being treated as a woman first, hero second, and taking matters into her own hands (thus breaking the strike?) and more! This book really seems to be flying under the radar, but I can’t stress how great it is, definitely one of my favorites at Image.

Outcast #7

I don’t know what it is about this book, I was lukewarm on it to begin with, but I kind of grew attached to it toward the end of the first arc? Now we’re going to go road trip exorcism? I don’t know, that’s what the final scene had me believing, that could be cool. If there’s something I really enjoy about this book is the amount of content it’s got going for it. Like, I totally forgot there was the subplot of that guy who raped Kyle’s sister/cousin (I forget) was trying to repent and showed up a few issues ago to get his ass kicked, and then she finds him in this issue and has a confrontation, I don’t know what’s going to come of that now, but it’s stuff like that (though grim and unfortunate) that contributes to world building with all the main characters and those around them. I can at least appreciate that.


  1. Maybe I'll jump back on board C.O.W.L. ... I was whittling down my pull at one point last year and I was only a few issues in and kind of underwhelmed. But maybe it's time to give it a second shot...

    Remender is so... Remender.

    And then, the 800 pound gorilla. Mark. Fucking. Millar. Sigh. I realize why so many people like his work. I used to a lot more back in the day when he was still *just* a comics writer. But the last decade or so, it's all sort of been hyper-violent, derivative stuff. And as you say, they're mostly spec-scripts, not comic book stories, per se. Like FHIZ, I agree, get paid, etc. But don't try and tell me you're strictly in the comic book writing business. I like my comics to be comics, not glorified action movie pitches. Stupid action comics can be fun. (See Duggan and Poshen's Deadpool.) But when they're intentionally "turned up to 11" for the sake of making the "kewl" enough for the big screen, well, I don't need to read them on a weekly basis in serial form the way I do books from authors who are more dedicated to the form than simply pitching movies. To each their own, blah, blah... make mine comics. I'll read it in trade... or simply watch it on the big screen.

  2. I like a lot of Millar's super hero work, but not his recent stuff as much so you are right that his comics are essentially becoming movie pitches. For me, his best work is Old Man Logan and the Ultimates 1 and 2. Superman: Red Son was great too. The Kingsman comic was not very interesting from the first issue so I didn't bother to keep reading it, but at least the movie was awesome even though that was turned into a movie very fast. He has not even finished Jupiter's Legacy yet which is pretty ridiculous to me and then he starts Chrononauts just to make it into a movie. It's getting annoying. With Descender, that is already being turned into a movie by Sony before that first issue came out, but I think it's different because it is happening all the time with Millar now. Millar is also a consultant for Fox with their superhero movies too so he has a lot of pull there. I just wish that he would focus on making great comics first instead of trying to have them as pitches for movies because that is seemingly all he is writing now.

    1. To be fair, Jupiter's Legacy is also dependent on Frank Quitely, who despite being fantastic, is known to be a slow artist

  3. Chrononauts was interesting enough to make me want to come back for the second issue.
    Also, the fight scene in C.O.W.L. was my favorite moment I've read this month.